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Im a flirt r kelly feat t.i and t-pain church, now playing:

wastegate and bov hookupwave

I noticed she was checkin me And diggin the ice And if I get that tonight Better hit that twice I can even make her mine If I hit that right You know smack that thang Sit that right.

I'm a, I'm a, I'm a, I'm a flirt Soon as I see her walk up in the club I'm a flirt Winkin her eyes at me, when I roll up on them dubs I'm a flirt Sometimes when I'm with my chick on the low I'm a flirt And when she's wit her man lookin at me, damn right I'm a flirt So homie don't bring your girl to asaidating me cuz I'm a flirt And baby don't bring your girlfriend to eat cuz I'm a flirt Please believe it, unless your game is tight and u trust her Then don't bring her around me cuz Double meaning flirting sms a flirt [verse 1: Kells] Now swear to tell the truth And the whole truth When it comes to hoes I be pimpin like I supposed to Rollin like I supposed to Shinin like I supposed to In the club, fuckin wit honeys like I supposed to I don't understand it when a nigga bring his girlfriend to the club Freakin all on the floor wit his girlfriend in the club And wonder why all these playas tryin to holla at her Just soon as she go to the bathroom, nigga I'm goin holla at her A dog on the prawl when I'm walkin through the mall If I could man I probably would flirt wit all yall Yeah, yeah homie u say she ya girlfriend But when I step up to her I'm be like cousin Believe me man, this is how them playas do it in the chi And plus we got them player-ette flirters in the chi Now the moral of the story is cuff yo bitch Cuz hey I'm black, handsome, I sing plus I'm rich and I'm a flirt [Tip speaking: Tip] Well if u love ya girl And wanna keep ya girl Don't be walkin up and askin me to meet ya girl Cuz I'm well enough a flirt when I speak to girl She winked her eyes on the slide I seent u girl Better treat your girl right Cuz another man will Better eat ya girl like another man will Cuz u leave your wife And I see ya wife That be for real How long u think that's finna be ya wife Well I'm livin the life You just gettin it right Your old lady look at me Cuz u ain't hittin it right She probably used to like u Cuz u you the better type That's until I came along And put some dick in her life Wanna see????