Immortal Songs 2 | 불후의 명곡 2 : Lee Haeri, V.O.S, Jung Jaeuk, Teen Top, ALi, Sandeul () Immortal Songs 2 | 불후의 명곡 2 : Lee Haeri, V.O.S, Jung Jaeuk, Teen Top, ALi, Sandeul ()

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In the latest episode of "Immortal Songs" the singing contest that invites today's popular singers to pit their talent against each other while paying homage immortal song lee haeri dating classic K-pop songs, singer Bada is vic Kyuhyun — Too Much Super Junior members are strong contestants on the show, and this Kyuhyun performance is a personal favourite, as he was sick during the show — and he still mesmerises.

The upcoming episode of 'Immortal Songs' will feature Ko Park Ki Young and her manager, who has become th Wanna One will be on 'Immortal Songs'!

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The upcoming episode of 'Immortal Songs' features the First Half of Special, starring the strong vocalists who have won the trophies during the first half of the year. Here we collected the performances we loved best: Of course, there are many more amazing performances on Immortal Songs, and luckily, KBS World TV now publishes new episodes in full length on its YouTube channel, for the delight of all music lovers.

Ryeowook — Lying on the Sea This performance will simply leave you in an awe, especially if you only know Super Junior superficially. Seventeen postponed music video shooting to appear on 'Immortal Songs'! Click here to watch recent episodes!

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Wanna One's all 11 members to star on 'Immortal Songs'! The foreign stars who have taken over the Korean entertainment industry will be competing on 'Immortal Songs' this week! Let us know in the community post! I assumed only some of seagulls would be on the beach with their wings folded, but there are much more than I had expected hovering near the seashore.

However, the industrial society made o Lee Haeri — Forgotten Flower Certainly one of the best performances on Immortal Songs 2, Davichi member Haeri just blows everyone away with her crystal clear voice. The heart-moving moments that transcends generations, don't miss their beautiful competition!

The original performer — Im Jae-beom — shed tears and the audience, even men, were crying during this performance.


It was a market to buy something, a playground for kids as well as a meeting point. Therefore, I went to Gochang Hagw Did we miss your favourite performance?

Ryeowook presents a flawless performance with amazing vocals. His rock rendition of this classic is going to give you shivers.

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Seventeen chose Cho Yong Pil's 'Short Hair' and prepared a splendid performance that catches your eyes and Seventeen receives praise from legendary singer Cho Yong Pil! Old songs are often re-worked and modernized by the performers, making them closer to the music of younger generations, while still satisfying older viewers as well.

The idols who sing the legend!