We Should Makeup: Inglot Eyeshadow Review with Swatches We Should Makeup: Inglot Eyeshadow Review with Swatches

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The 4 pan palette retails at RM28 each.

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Pigmented blendable colours, Smooth texture, Shimmer shades apply very pigmented and blend very easily, Palettes are very sturdy and the magnet is very strong to hold everything in place, Palettes of similar shape can be stacked up into a very portable compact palette Cons: That would be a pain if you plan to build insula piratilor online dating palette and do not want to duplicate your colours.

One note however, the quads, as well as the eyeshadow pans are actually rectangular not square. The AMC textures are similar to the double sparkle, because they are a matte base with bits of shimmer as well.

The palette itself, and the eyeshadow pans, are also magnetized. I have to apologize for the quality of these swatches; I found it super tricky to photograph my own arm! I mean seriously addicted! I have found that the matte textures are some of the most pigmented.

We are present in retail locations worldwide. The matte colours, I feel, could do with a little more work because they look gorgeous in pan, but do not apply as smoothly.


All you need is a pencil to jot down the colour numbers on the back of your palette in inglot eyeshadow review uk dating to how they are placed, et voila! There was really a lot of attention to detail, and I was impressed.

The dark bluish-grey is DS, a great crease or outer-V color. The blush pans however, are rectangular like Shu Uemura blush pans, and do not fit into the quads.

Inglot Freedom System eyeshadows: Palettes of different sizes do not stack up evenly, Some matte eyeshadow shades are chalky and lack pigment, Palettes cannot fit eyeshadows and blush together, Colour names cannot be ascertained without removing the pan from the palette That last con right there — did you see it?

My own Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow palette

The shadows come in what Inglot calls the Freedom System. Minimal to no fallout. I tried bashing about the case a bit. Try to pull it apart and you will have a problem on your hands. Here is a bit of information from Inglot's website about the freedom system: Again with a cute little hand-written note.

In a nutshell Inglot Freedom System eyeshadows are very pigmented and offer very good value for money. I might never throw that away I don't have anything bad to say about Inglot eyeshadows or their Freedom System, but here are a couple of concerns, I suppose: I myself do not know.

So this post will include my experience with Beautylish.

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Time for the individual swatches! They are true-to-color from the pan to your skin without being layered over a primer. Have you guys ever tried Inglot or ordered from Beautylish.

They have a soft powder feel and texture to them. These are really a joy to use, and are the nicest eyeshadows I own, period. Before I dig into unveiling the colours and palettes that I have, for those of you who may not be overly familiar with Inglot, there are several different types of eyeshadows that come in the square pans, and the finish can differ depending on the type.

I knew what I wanted.

Break Free With The Inglot Freedom System And Freedom System Eyeshadows

So finally onto my colour selection and what has floated my boat so far! They do create powder when you drag a brush across the pan, but that doesn't translate to fall-out on the face, somehow. Inglot eyeshadows come in a variety of colors and finishes.

I originally wanted Polish Hound to remain solely nail-oriented when I first began, but lately I'm thinking I might like to add other beauty-related things here and there. I feel the shimmer colours apply better than the matte colours which can be hit or miss. I really like this system of customizing our own palette in some good brands and I think this is practically better option for any one of us out there.

Our unique Freedom System allows customers to experiment with countless shades and colour combinations of different face products, giving them the opportunity to create their own customized colour palette. I was surprised to find that they threw in a free gift I guess because this was my second order in two weeks?

Inglot square pan eyeshadows contain twice as much product as MAC eyeshadows. The prices are as follows: The cover detaches fully but you can keep them on while you use the products by attaching them with the magnets as per the 1st picture above.

Here is the link to the second palette above swatched! Also you can link all of the cases together, so if you have a 10 spot square eyeshadow palette, on top of that you can have another 10 spot rounded one with concealor and lipgloss and then another on top with blush and brow items etc — as they are all magnetic so they stick together!