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Inline transmission filter hookup, register now

Install the new filter. Install the transmission crossmember.

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So check all of the part numbers for price. So I did not do a cooler flush. Install the transmission range selector cable bracket.

This will damage the transmission.

Automatic Transmission Filter

Tighten the bolts to 18 lb ft 25 Nm. The bottom tank of the radiator is plastic, easily damaged.

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Valve bodies can stick, governors not used any more can stick. The new part number is a smaller aluminum housing filter, intended for a Power Steering System. Install the oil pan gasket to the pan. The owner believed that an added, permanent transmission "filter" added unnecessary restriction to the flow of fluid.

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Use two cans of aerosol cooler flush from an auto parts store, one can for each direction. Raise and suitably support the vehicle.

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The existing hose from the radiator pulls down thru the first hole and hook up the filter. That was really too long.

Magnefine Filter

Remove the break-in accumulation with a complete fluid flush and filter change before 5K miles. Pictures and more information here: Loosen the rear oil pan mounting bolts about 4 turns.

Clean the transmission and the oil pan sealing surfaces with solvent.

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But I have done this using a large metal fuel filter on several cars over the long term with zero trouble. The results of those studies have been published in various Society of Automotive Engineers SAE technical papers since Obviously it is not working too well, because at the first oil change my transmission drain plug was saturated with magnetic particles.

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This is to protect the transmission from any debris already deposited in either cooler, especially if the trans has failed. Install the filter neck seal and filter.

Inline Transmission Filters

It just meant more fluid had to be replaced in the transmission after the filter was installed. If you install a magnetic in line filter in line with " cooler flow ", sooner or later chunks of metal will accumulate on that magnetic in line filter and restrict the flow.

Inspect the oil pan gasket for leaks. It is best if the hose has never had any fluid in it never been used to limit any transmission cooler line contamination concerns. In other words, there is no statement as to how effective it filters at 25 microns.

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The magnetic drain plug was no longer functioning at only 8K miles, since it was already saturated. I didn't read about running the engine at all during the transmission fluid change.

You must remove all traces of the old gasket material. Use a drain pan under the car.

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This bracket contains a short steel tube. Check the COLD fluid level reading for initial fill only.