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Margaret last, is his son and heir.

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She died on Friday before Michaelmas last. William her son, aged 18 years and more, is her heir. After the establishment of the Court of Wards in a copy of the Inq. A moiety of the manor.

This "first series" continued for 26 volumes, the last volume having been published inalthough volumes were not published in chronological order.

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He died on Thursday before Michaelmas last. An inquisition post mortem, held inlisted the Shropshire properties passed on by Sir Vincent to Sir Andrew. The extent includes 4l. Kynthorp and Wythcale in the parts of Lyndeseye.

The manor, held for life jointly with John de Ferariis, formerly her husband, in fee tail. The manor extent givenheld of the king in chief by service of rendering 8l. The last four items he held jointly with the said Elizabeth, for the term of their lives, with successive remainders in tail to the said Fulk and Roger, and with remainder over to the right heirs of Robert.

The inquisition return would detail, in order: His inquisition post mortem states that he held Whitechapel not as a tenant-in-chief but from an overlord, namely Henry, Duke of Somersetby service unknown, worth shillings per annum.

Places, People, and Properties in the Inquisitions Post Mortem

A messuage and a carucate of land, held of Walter Foillet by service of 1 lb. Margaret wife of Sir Philip St Clere was described as aged about 26 at the time of the inquisitions post mortem for her mother, which took place in response to writs issued on 20 June ; this indicates that she was born about dating singapore airlines stewardess requirements He certainly died in seisin of part of the manor of Tikencote.

Walter Dakeney, his son, aged 9 years and more, is his heir. The reversion of the whole is to Ingelram de Coucy, earl of Bedeford, and Isabel his wife, and the heirs of their bodies. The advowson of the church.

Joan died without heir of her body. The same sources confirm that Margaret was inquisition post mortem online dating daughter and heir of Nicholas and Margaret.

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If the heir was under age the king kept the lands until he or she came of age at 21 for men or 14 for women and the king received rights of wardship and marriage, collecting the revenues of the estate and disposing of the heir in marriage.

The manor, held as above. Tenements held of her by Thomas Adamson by homage and fealty and service of 4s. John his son, aged 26 years and more, is his heir. Denis, 49 Edward III.

The manor, held of Peter de Eyton by service of 5s. The standards of editing vary, with more details included in later publications.

Introduction (Chapter 1) - The Fifteenth-Century Inquisitions 'Post Mortem'

They were entailed and descended as the manor of Lavyngton last inquisition. He died on Tuesday the feast of SS.

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The messuage, carucate, arable, meadow, pasture and wood at "le Bere" annual value 40s. Both held jointly with Isabel his second wife, to them and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder to his right heirs.

Inquisition post mortem

All revenues resulting from such lands whilst in the hands of the escheator had to be audited i. William son of William brother of Walter father of the said Margery, aged 40 years and more, is next heir of the said Margery.

The manor, held of her by Ralph de Bethome, knight, by homage and fealty and service of 32s. Both held of the lord de Moubray, as of his manor of Burton, by homage and fealty and a rent of 12s.

The manor, tenure not known.

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Facsimiles, Transliterations, Translations and Commentary, vol. The advowson of the free chapel.

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William de Coggeshale, aged 18 years at the feast of St. Nevertheless landholding remained feudal.

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He died on Sunday before Palm Sunday last without heir of his body. William de Coggeshale, her son, aged 18 years at the feast of St.

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This exempted him from the scope of the Inquisition post mortem, as the legal holders were effectively an immortal corporation one or two of whose constituent feoffees could on occasion die, only to be replaced by others.

From the time of his death until the lawful age of the said John son of Oliver the king had possession of the manor of Lyndon. No attornment was made to anyone in his lifetime by any tenants of those manors, free or bond.

Form of permanent record[ edit ] Inquisitions post mortem or "escheats" were recorded on two duplicate sheets of parchment. Two years and more ago he enfeoffed the above bishop and others last inquisition of the premises Thomas de Berton being described as rector of Schrophamand on his death-bed begged and charged them to pay his debts and maintain his children, as above, to sell the manor of Sturemere and the tenements in Colchester, and more if necessary, for the fulfilment of his will, and after the fulfilment thereof to enfeoff William his son of the manors of Codham, Coggeshale and Scharnhall, and the tenements in Bockyngge, Feryngge and Schaldeford, in tail male, with remainders as above last inquisitionto enfeoff Thomas his son of the manor of Bemflete in tail male, with successive remainders in tail male to William his son and Thomas his brother, and with ultimate remainder to his right heirs, and to enfeoff Thomas his brother of the said manor of Badewe in tail male, with remainder to the right heirs of the same Thomas.

The manor of Pury, annual value 6 marks, is held of the king in chief, service unknown.

Inquisitions Post Mortem, Edward III, File 243

A moiety of the manor, held as above. A deed dated 8 July set out the agreed partition of Thomas St Clere's lands between his three daughters along with their respective husbands. The manor, held of William Cosyn, as of his manor of Great Sutton, by service of 1 lb.

By an indenture of 26 Oct.

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He held it in all respects as the manor of Ebbeford, and John Rous aforesaid is the heir. The said John and Margaret have issue between them. Death of Joan as in the first inquisition.