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Janina plays "Papi" in the series "The L Word. She is talented and is skillful enough to earn success and respect of people in an ample amount.

She currently has the net worth of thousand USD.

Janina Gavankar

Also, for those wondering whether or not she has a husband and is married, the answer might be a "NO" as no such revelations have been made thus far. She stands tall with the height of 5 feet 7 inches i.

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Having been a part of several lesbian roles, Janina has captured people's attention a lot, and people often wonder if she is indeed a real-life lesbian. The truth behind her sexuality: Born on November 29,in the state of Joliet, Illinois, USA, as Janina Zione Gavankar, Janina Gavankar is an American actress who has been able to make a firm hold in the industry with her hard work and dedication.

As each and every aspect of her body tentatively complements her personality and her work in every movie and TV shows she has rolled in. Body Measurements inches. As there were rumors of her secretly getting married to a guy, was dating her for a long time.

What was the nature of Janina and Simon Cowell's connection?

A post shared by Janina Gavankar praf de stele online dating on Nov 13, at 1: Also, more speculations of her having a boyfriend often surround her which she has addressed in her Instagram post as well where you can see her a bit shocked to know that she has a boyfriend as she has to know it via some other sources.

She is very popular personnel among her fans in some of the famous social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Janina is a very sexy and beautiful woman who tentatively can be compared to a walking bombshell. But as all of the fans and followers of her are waiting to get a peek into her life surely it shall some day be granted.

There must have been many men dying to date her or have an affair with staying as he boyfriend, but there has been no info about her boyfriend, or she happily wedded husband as we might say.

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Her current accounted age is 36 years, but she currently looks as if she were to be below Is Janina a lesbian? Quick thank you to glam queen lydiafsellers for the before I was it off!

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There has been no info about her husband, neither has there been any news of her having a divorce nor any news of her being pregnant to have any children, but who knows it might just one of her little secret. The reason for their split cited as her work on Kanye West's music video which is yet to be confirmed, but since then, she has kept her personal life to herself which is fair enough as she is entitled to keep her private things low key.

There are many pictures and photographs of her taken on and off the set, in various occasions at different locations. She has been shot by the photographers in varieties of dresses from a tiny and sexy bikini to a beautiful and elegant dress, but in most of her photographs, she can be spotted in shorter dresses with her smooth legs exposed.

She famously played "Papi" a lesbian in "The L Word.

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As said before she has a very eye appealing body figure along with her long black hair, her beautiful eyes, body color her height and her sexy lips. She is an actress who is an American in nationality where as is an East Asian in ethnicity. She has a very attractive and sexy body figure till date as she has maintained her body measurements to its optimum.

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Quick thank you to glam queen lydiafsellers for the????????????