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In addition, thousands of children were removed from school to work in sweatshops or to perform other menial labor in order to guarantee their family's subsistence income. While the office may seem an unlikely place to find a partner of particular religious affiliation, look for married Jewish co-workers who have an active social life.

Transformations in the Composition of American Jewish Households

A prime example of this is the decline in the birth rate. According to the CJF NJPSbetween the years —, 25 percent of adults surveyed changed residence, at least once, between cities within the same state.

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In most cases, interfaith marriages may be the result of happenstance: Jews, as individuals, might still encounter discrimination, but the Jewish tradition, especially as manifest within the home and family, was seen as consonant with the highest of American values Herberg, ibid.

Besides wanting a place to live at rents they could afford, these young people were fleeing from the changes in their old neighborhoods in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Brooklyn.

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Selecting a mate from within the local non-Jewish population was not usually an option, even if a Jewish man or woman were willing to consider such a course of action, and to convert in order to do so.

It also should be noted that contrary to many historical recollections women in the traditional Jewish home often worked outside of the home; their labor was necessary for the survival of the family.

Life in suburbia was so different from life in the city that changes in family life were inevitable. It was commonplace to link these phenomena with a decrease in Jewish education and the practice of Jewish ritual, but the evidence is mixed.

Contemporary Jews live not only in the traditional family but also as singles of all ages; empty nest couples whose children have left home and intermarriage jewish american singles not again return; senior adults living alone or zum flirten fake ids communities and facilities, widowed or married; dual-career spouses; single parents, whether by death of one's spouse, loss or divorce; and non-traditional couples, gay men and lesbian women.

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There is a tendency for extended family events to be limited to infrequent holiday gatherings or major life-cycle celebrations. There is no doubt that Jewish values must compete in the open marketplace of ideas in a multicultural United States, where exposure to other value systems is commonplace.

It is as if the sisterhood continued to serve Friday evening tea at the Oneg Shabbat even though the rabbi, cantor, president and principal supporters may now be women. Compared to other religious groups surveyed, Judaism had the lowest percentage of members who believe God wrote the bible.

For the newly suburbanized Jews, this reflected the dependency of the family on the Jewish skills and knowledge of community professionals. Many second- and third-generation American Jewish parents acknowledged that the very move to suburbia was "for the sake of the children.

Great Tangled Cousinries? Jewish Intermarriage in the British West Indies

Such activity is a source of mimetic norms, i. If the father was dead or missing, the brothers of the ketannah, collectively, had the right to arrange a marriage for her, as had her mother.

This openness helped foster a kind of biculturalism — Jewish and American.

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The evidence for this is the remarkably rapid social mobility of second-generation American Jews whose parents, in spite of their struggles, saw to their education and general welfare.

Having acquired the economic means to provide more than basic food, clothing and shelter, Jewish parents developed a tendency to indulge their children with a surfeit of material goods.

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Despite this, when family members assisted one another the difficulties of resettlement were eased. No doubt this helped many young couples by reducing their child-rearing responsibilities, affording them additional time for work or schooling.

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In the s, questions about the typical western family, a topic generally relegated to sociology and anthropology lectures, spilled over from the lecture hall to the streets.

The Torah obligates a man to not deprive his wife of food, clothing, or of sexual activity; [33] if the husband does not provide the first wife with these things, she is to be divorced, without cost to her. Daniel Elazar called this the permeability of contemporary boundaries.

Whereas in the city, the synagogue was classically a neighborhood institution, in the suburbs it served a widely dispersed population often accessible only by car.


In spite of discrimination, many children of immigrants succeeded in entering American colleges and universities. The patterns seen here are similar when results are analyzed for women alone. Insays Goldstein, only about 30 percent of Jewish women aged 25—44 were employed at all ibid.

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Jewish views on marriage

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I want it all. Reform Judaism and Reconstructionist Judaism permit total personal autonomy in interpretation of Jewish Lawand intermarriage is not forbidden. Franzblau cited findings by the Yale Center of Alcoholic Studies indicating that first-time admissions to New York State Hospitals are fifty times as numerous among Irish as among Jews, fifteen times as numerous among Scandinavians, ten times as numerous among Italians, nine times as numerous among the English and eight times as numerous among the Germans.

Screening for Jewish Genetic Diseases

Yet, quite often, the wife was forced to work or in business both husband and wife often worked together. A significantly attenuated Jewish population would weaken the Jewish community's standing at large, including its ability to act on behalf of its own interests.

Questions were raised about the structure and purpose of the family, as well as the obligations of family members towards each other. In many instances for that generation, even such classic family rites as lighting Hanukkah candles or participating in a Passover seder no longer took place at home, but in the synagogue, under the direction of a rabbi, or teacher.

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