Best ISP in Bangalore? Best ISP in Bangalore?

Internet broadband service providers in bangalore dating, what is a broadband internet connection?

After spending a long time with him on the call, I decided to agree to his promise that someone will definitely come tomorrow and setup everything. I am sure I made atleast 20 attempts to call them.

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He repeated the problem is the wire to my home from the road is broken and the wiring guy has to come and repair it. Your company failed to resolve the technical problem in last 3 weeks. It is working again.

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Hold on, it is When I said there is only few more hours remaining to complete 4 days waiting, the lady told me to patiently wait for few more hours and she assured me that someone will definitely contact me before those few hours.

Probably they tried to call me 1 or 2 times today and since I was on the endless calls trying to reach Airtel authorities, I could not pick up their calls. After several attempts, one attempt succeeded and a complaint was registered.

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Since I have no trust on Airtel support in Bangalore, I sent an email to Prashant at Delhi office who has been the only reliable person I ever interacted in Airtel.

They simply lack the coordination between different departments to resolve a problem. I asked about the junction box capability problem which was mentioned by the customer service escalation manager.

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What does this mean? Just called Prashant at Delhi. It is interesting to note that each time Airtel gives me timeframes like He did the same today as well.

There was an Airtel guy outside my home testing connections for couple of hours.

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I asked for the same Mr. If they ever bother to respond, I will post them here. Even though I need to wait another 2 days, I was pretty happy that I will get connected to broadband internet within 2 days.

I am going to call him again well, he told me I can ask for his name when I call customer service, which was a smart way to get away from me.

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Call Now to Save Big! At this point, I am really confused.

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He collected the application form, identitification documents and Rs At about 10pm I called the team lead again, who might have gone to sleep by that time.

I connected my phone to the cable he pulled in.

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Called few phone numbers again and as usual, no one picked up the call. He said, no only I may be affected. It took time to get resolved, but you guys kept us in loop with the status update.

They said they see nothing.


After couple of requests, he said he will come after 1 hour. A major problem for Airtel in the area only affected me.

In addition, whenever I download the movie software anything, if the file of more than 1 GB the file will download with an hour from Wi-Fi connection as others uses the network too. It will be processed within 3 working days".

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Service is just a phone call away.