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Agdgdgwngo' Il y a 10 ans Is Scouse Steve the babysitter you had in mind? Series 1 Episode 5 Dufrais Constantinople is a complaining Jewish man he is sometimes pictured wearing a yarmulke who flirt pf2129 filter an electric fence company to ask if it will stop the kids from next door from kicking the ball into his garden; he also calls a P.

Series 1 Episode 1 Mike is a Northern Irish tele-salesman who calls on the behalf of rudely named companies asking the victim questions internet datings fone jacker doovde things such as their personal life or the tragic plight of the wrinkled ball sack.

He tries to obtain people's bank account details in a variety of ways, such as needing the details to obtain access to a bank vault due to it being steam cleaned or decorated for Christmasa man suffering cardiac arrest inside or to remove a Ugandan pigeon.

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These pranks are done using a hidden camera instead of animation. At the beginning of most episodes, he phones Directory Enquiries and asks for places in the same way as he does for the electrical goods. One man did give a number, although it appeared to be him reading the lottery numbers out of a newspaper and the answer to his security question was " Jimmy Savile ", who he claimed was his uncle.

He does have a wife and believes she is cheating on him.

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He was commissioned to internet datings fone jacker doovde the sound effects for a fictional Polish game show, supermarket announcement tannoys, the fasten seatbelt tone on Polish airlines and action scene music for a film, with all these played on a " Poland " keyboard.

In that episode, he refers to himself being Ukrainian, despite saying he recorded music for a Polish game show.


He is apparently only 5"0 in Detective Horace Von Khute's telephone identity parade. He only appears if the victims Mr Broadbandings calls, request to be put through to him if they are not happy with Mr Broadbandings' actions.

Screened on 22 August He gives his name in two of his three calls, by spelling it out using words by saying "D for Donald, U for up, F for Friday, R for raspberry, A for ah, I for is and S for stratosphere", with D once being for 'Derrick'. References and notes[ edit ].

Watch the series here: This is the only character so far to have been seen only on a Fonejacker DVD release and not in the actual Series itself.

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He always struggles to find a word starting with S, claiming his mind has gone blank. Series 2 Episode 3 Steve's Guv is a man who Steve, when calling about an au pair position, passes the phone onto.

Callers are usually unsuccessful in their efforts as the service selects the incorrect properties.

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Their leader, Charlie Wong is the only member of the gang that speaks on the phone. He called a paparazzi service whilst chasing David Beckham and offered pictures and videos of him, only to crash during the call.

She is the first character since Jimmy not to appear on the main series. Series 2 Episode 4 Scottish Man Name unknown A man phoning directory enquiries requesting a telephone number to try and track down his ex-girlfriend.

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His appearance is revealed on Facejacker. This clip reminds me that I'm living in a recursive universe. Il y a 11 ans This lady receives a phone call and has to deal with an unlikely candidate for job vacancy. Series 2 Episode 3 Janec is a Polish man who has moved from his homeland of Poland to Glasgow in Scotland, and lives in a bedsit with his other friends also from his homeland.

Il y a 9 ans A small compilation I put together of Mike from Fonejacker. Comedy Lab Pilot Man with a broken tooth style of talking name unknown is a man asking to see a dentist, but then unknown to the receptionist he asks to perform some love acts on her, but she thinks he is still making an appointment.

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His office uses an assortment of old, outdated equipment to track fraudsters possibly a reference to Zimbabwe's current economic crisis His most wanted criminal is George Agdgdgwngo. At the start of the conversation, the 'automated' service will usually make a 'beep' to allow the caller to speak, but towards the end of conversations, delays the beep until the person actually speaks, forcing them into repeating the same word.

Just as he is reading out what he would like on the card the Fonejacker plays a CD of battle sound effects to make it seem like he is phoning from the Afghanistan War Appearance: In the E4 Christmas Message, he asks about putting the 'hututupuh' http and woo. Comedy Lab Pilot Brian Badonde is a man who has a speech impediment where everything he says ends up starting with the letter 'B'.

Mr Doovdé Series 1 Compilation - Fonejacker

He's addicted to making prank telephone His main excuse for his persistence is "I got family to feed. She tells the owner that there is a man walking a cat on a lead and to keep a look out for him.

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The impediment is prevented if Brian takes medication. He calls back later in the same episode, but has problems again. Still only about half as long as the actual conversation.

He can often be heard between and during sketches saying other catchphrases such as: Watch full episodes on All 4 now: I and asks why he is being followed only to enter into argument, and also the Met Office about an incorrect newspaper report of the weather.

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Series 1 Episode 1 Jafool alias pronounced Jafooly or The Beatboxer is a man who phones a company or shop and beatboxes to give details, confusing the 'victim'. These segments are done using live action and a hidden camera, as opposed to animation like when he phones direct enquiries or stores.

Performed by Kayvan Novak.