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Intimidating team logos, how robertpmoran started their logo design journey

Depending on your marketing strategy and personal preferences, you can place your logo on a variety of platforms, from clothes T-shirts, sweaters, etc. The Mighty Ducks former logo was better suited, and it is now frustrating to see them move away from this style.

And yes, I am aware that this helmet exists.

Create a cool, intense, captivating and intimidating logo for a Sports Team - RED ARMY

Worst logo I never understood the change in color scheme for the Wizards. There's the shark, a classic text look for sports teams, the shield background, and a splash of color. It tells opponents that this team is ready to steal the puck from anyone who gets in their way.

If it fits, it ships.

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Either way, this is a brilliant logo. Worst logo This abomination was the Suns' logo for nearly 25 years. Lakeland Flying Tigers Flipping awesome Napolean!

After some research the logo made even less sense to me. Is homer in the house?

Delightfully Wacky Logos

Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Lansign Lugnuts You gotta love a team called the Lugnuts. It doesn't fit anywhere. Furthermore, teamwork contributes to building a functional, supportive team. How else do you illustrate a Texan? Nothing to complain about here.

In one way or another, this wolf almost looks possessed. I am ashamed and will say nothing more.

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This thing can totally fly. Who knows, but this is the best Knicks have had best otaku dating site offer. This was taken from their previous logo which had this image along with the rest of the team name.

Players strive to appear strong, confident, and other such values akin to the team.

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Tell me about them! They should definitely call the team Tiger Storm and have them battle the Flying Tigers. Plus, you can get help from multiple logo makers that can generate a neat icon in just a matter of minutes. First mention of actual team play on this list? The newest logo for the Jazz looks fantastic, and I daresay the new court looks better than any previous court; that being said, keeping the pure Mardi Gras colors produces a great jersey.

Now, you may be wondering why did we even put the background colors in there then?

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Far better than any previous Kings logo. The first logo for the Utah Jazz barely edges out the newest logo, no worries, it still rocks. The shadowing in particular is making me upset.

A clean, concise icon is easier to memorize and reproduce across different backgrounds. Cloud 9 hasn't made any good apparel for this logo at all which is a bit of a scandal.


Aside from the color scheme, this logo lacks any character or personality unlike their old logo and is actually painful to look at for too long. The bigger choice you have, the better.

The only saving grace is that combining two logos like this never works, so I can forgive Axiom and Acer for not trying.

No matter how you cut it, the teams on this list have the best names in all of sports and this Ultimate List is in your hands to select which of these teams has the greatest team name. I see what you did there.

And plus, it belongs to a beloved early Sc2 team, so it's got an extra nostalgia factor now. It's ranked below Liquid because it doesn't quite evoke anything the way that the Team Liquid horse evokes a mascot and a symbol and a history.

Unless graphic design is your profession, prepare to toil away at creating a worthy logo that will be able to compete with the artworks of the best designers. He became king for a reason, because he was the toughest, strongest and most cunning animal around.

Toronto got their logo right the first time.

Why do You Need a Baseball Logo?

All that said, the orange mane is pretty sweet. Bold, not too busy, easy to spot. The Clippers are yet to produce a single good logo, this is literally the best they have.

Just show the head of the dog and stack "Lemon" on top of "dogs".

25 Amazingly Bizarre Minor League Baseball Logos | Design Shack

My Intent I'm always tempted to buy the My Intent logo on long flights so I can sleep without hurting my neck. This is kind of a retro look in an industry where retro never happened, but who cares.

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But don't forget about weather elements either, which explains why Florida's own Miami Heat and Tampa Bay Lightning are on here. Please share them in the comments! How the hell have they not fixed this yet?

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This is the second-best animal logo, just ahead of the Bills.