Inubaka #18 - Vol. 18 (Issue) Inubaka #18 - Vol. 18 (Issue)

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Teppei asks her why she's suddenly decided to have a dog, because she never let him keep any of the stray dogs he brought as a child. Suguri met him when she'd been playing hide and seek and found him injured.

She later begins to develop a crush on Teppei and sometimes becomes jealous if another girl gives him too much attention or if she suspects that he is interested in someone, much like dogs make a big fuss over strange dogs who get too close to their owner.

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Nicknamed "Yamarin" by her fans and peers. Suguri considers Lupin to be her alter ego and is unable to function without him near her. Ricky died of old age after he alerted Suguri the very same chihuahua she wanted had a potentially fatal heart condition.

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Since Teppei could not legally sell any dog with a serious health condition, he instead gives Melon to Chizuru free of charge. Czerny's spirit appeared before Kanako when she was with Sonata, and nodded her head to Kanako's question hookuploop ukraine if she approved of adopting a homeless dog.

Cookie Cookie is a Miniature Dachshundowned by Mayu-chan and her mother.

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She gave her dog fresh human food to eat, along with aromatherapygrooming every Friday, a whole wardrobe of clothes, a miniature piano that could be played claiming she was a little pianist, and even birthday parties once every year.

He owns a purebred black Lab named Noa. Noa was purchased by Teppei when he was still in schooling. Lupin's mother is a Kishu Inu mix and her mother is thought to be a pure breed Kishu with no health problems.

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Momoko once dyed Mel's fur completely black to make her sellable and nearly gave her up to save the life of her horrible ex-boyfriend, Yuu, even though he'd used her. In Volume 3 of the manga, she jumps up to catch a tennis ball before Noa or Lupin can, jumps onto one of Kanako-sensei's piano students, and to jump and lick Kentaro's face.

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But Surguri started to bond with him and with Suguri's training, Henry was able to slalom again and he took second place at an agility competition. His shop includes a dog bakeryhotelsalonboutiquecages for the puppies that are three times as large as the cages at Woofles, and security cameras, and he's even laid out a grass lawn on the rooftop of his shop where customers can play with their dogs in a good old-fashioned environment.

His new dream is to become a Veterinarian. She slowly recovers after looking through albums of Czerny's life.

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All of her puppies in her previous litter found homes, and she is currently nursing her second litter. His bone structure, facial structure, and temperament are all in check with the Japan Kennel Club.

Grace Grace is a Papillon that runs agility courses. She used to be her school's soccer team's manager but quit and apparently had no friends. In spite of learning his history, Suguri still, albeit more hesitantly continued to contact him in an effort to learn more about what happened back then and about Lupin's history.

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Teppei hired Kentaro to work at Woofles after seeing he had no home or job and also allows him to sleep in the doghouse in the kennels atop the store roof. He's best friends with Zidane.

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Sonata A piebald Dachshund that was adopted by Kanako after his former owner died in an earthquake. Zidane dies in volume He and Hibino were in business with another pet shop whom treated dogs like things.

Some artists lack on the background art, and that's very disappointing at times. Meaning, not unrealistically obsessed. They have an enjoyable conversation, but she walks out embarrassed when she finds out she went to the wrong store.

His only companion was a dog he had since he was a baby.

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It's funny, has wonderful artwork, a touching but not overly deep storyline, and He holds training classes on the pet shop's roofs and helps train Lupin, Melon, Chanta, Zidane, and other local dogs. The resulting strain from Yuu's abuse caused Momoko to become cold and withdrawn to the world around her except when she is grooming dogs.

He allows Suguri to temporarily work at Woofles to make up for her dog Lupin's tryst with Noa and later hires her as a permanent employee after seeing her repertoire with dogs, although her naive nature occasionally annoys him into punishing her in slapstick fashion.

Therefore, they both set out to make a shop where dogs and strays could be given a second chance to get a new home. Afterwards, Show attempted to purchase Lucky with the intent of turning him into an advertising mascot until Yamashita arrived to adopt Lucky for herself.

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His grandfather Lupin was a mix, and his grandmother was a pedigree German Shepherd. He now does a "Doga" class, which is Yoga you can do with your dog.

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She also jumps up to kick Lupin in the head after waking up from running into a fence. Suguri keeps in touch with him after she returns home. She lives with her and Lupin's father. He's started gaining because Akiba's parents kept on feeding him human food.

Lupin finds him rather intimidating and will slink away if Alfred so much as looks at him. He competed in agility competitions, but stopped when he caused his owner to have an accident and was hospitalize for quite some time.

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Kim had a strong fear of dogs because in Korea, dogs were often used for eating purposes, which caused strays to act very aggressive to anybody who would try to touch them. She was humped by Melon in Volume 4 of the manga but did not become pregnant since she was too young to have puppies.

During practice, Haruomi runs her through a course. When Mayu was mourning over the loss of her brother who recently died, she'd stolen the puppy and called the pup by her brother's name - Keita, because she thought that the Dachshund might be her brother reincarnated.

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It's not super-over the top. Kanako bought a whole new wardrobe for him after she threw out all of Czerny's old clothes. It's shown that Czerny is an athletic dog with her own team. To that end, Kim adopts a Shiba Inu puppy he names "Chanta".

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Minoru Minoru is an assistant to Nakatani, a dog breeder who provides Teppei with some of the puppies sold at Woofles. She is the mother of Lucky, Rosetta, and a third puppy. In volume 15 of the manga, parts of Lupin's bloodline were revealed.