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2 Definitions of Inundating

The high water only allowed passage by canoe and inundated fields surrounding the town. Steadfast is related to steady, which means to stay inundating meanings course or remain firm.

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She was inundated by gifts inundating meanings letters, even months after leaving the show. Some areas of the city were also inundated with up to of water due to storm tide. Bodfan then became a monk on Bardsey Island and later established the first church at Llanaber.

It is used frequently when referring to water flooding, submerging, or overwhelming an area.

Inundate word meaning and definition

Although most of his clients had canceled their appointments, the clinic housed eight hospitalized patients and five dogs that had been evacuated in their care. Over one-half of the population on the west side of the river was inundated. Invertebrate fauna dating makkum pottery All the species of animal organisms without backbones that occur in a particular place or time.

The Dimwit's Dictionary Replace Lazy Writing with Elegant English by Robert Hartwell Fiske bury; deluge; flood; glut; immerse; infest; inundate; overburden; overload; overpower; overrun; overwhelm;sate; swamp. All the choices are rather similar in meaning, so this All Verb examples 0. However, the existence of the Haarlemmermeer a great lake nearby made it difficult for the enemy to cut off the transportation of food into the city completely.

Inundate word meaning and definition

Minor damage was also reported as a few homes were inundated with up to of water. Natural regeneration is therefore prevented on sites that are always flooded during the inundating meanings season. Music "Inundate" is a musical album of Sectu. The speed at which a site becomes inundated can have major effects on the condition of the remains.

The best match for this meaning is Bflood.

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An iconic image of the flood was the flooded and charred shell of the old five-story Security Building on North Third Street. Rivers are increasingly managed for habitat conservation, as they are critical for many aquatic and riparian plants, resident and migratory fishes, waterfowl, birds of prey, migrating birds, and many mammals.

Ionizing radiation — Any radiation capable of forming ionization of atoms.

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Supposedly, he saw his family's land inundated by the sea and became a religious. This best matches the meaning of constant, A. The name perhaps refers back to a time before most of the islands' area was inundated.

The area of the reservoir that will be covered by water at some point during normal pool operations. Through the employment of the block system, but one train in each direction is permitted to enter the tunnel at the same time.

The water depth influenced the kinds of sediments that were deposited.

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Since Idol, Velasco has gained a reputation for engaging her fans, and patiently meeting with crowds of people, to the occasional dismay of the employees and management at certain venues. On the east bank of the river, numerous factories went underwater.


Marta, a maker of pictures, saw how the legions, brown, sinewy, lean aliens, looked in their close ranks. As the water deepened the higher areas became islands before they finally became inundated. All the choices are rather similar in meaning, so this is King The entire district was inundated with several feet of water and a major fire destroyed eleven historic buildings.

Definition of the verb inundate for high school students to flood with abundance example: The area around the city could not be inundated, and offered the enemy many places to set up camp. As a result of the flooding, the future of the old building is uncertain.

The practice had been inundated with smoke for the past two days. Yet the majority of modern dictionaries will be searched in vain for any authorization of this usage, All the blood shed there would make a red river, inundating the plain.

Word Origin & History

Adams In Alabama, trees were uprooted, houses were de-roofed, and chimneys collapsed in Mobile. Floods can inundate such development at high financial cost and often with loss of life.

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The verb inundate is considered to be a word that all college-aspiring students should know and understand, so it frequently appears on the SAT, ACT and other college admissions tests. Significant coastal damage was also reported from large swells.

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An increase of temperature with height in the atmosphere. The main purpose of this dam is to prevent floods, although it also generates electricity. It inundates a vast area of the low country surrounding the station. For very many years past the accent has been placed by a large body of cultivated men upon the first syllable.

At the water's highest point, four feet of water inundated the old restaurant. Printed dictionaries and other books with definitions for Inundate Click on a title to look inside that book if available: Ruthless is defined as Because I am the star of a new sitcom, my fans are sure to inundate me with fan mail and praise.

A gradual rise in water levels partially exposes the remains to erosion through the wave force, and a fast rise in water levels could leave a completely submerged site relatively undamaged. What must be said of the mental status of a people who for forty centuries have measured their strength against such a Titan racing past their homes above the level of their fields, confined only between walls of their own construction?

Some areas reported a storm surge comparable to that of Hurricanes Gloria in and Isabel in Seedlings die if inundated for more than about two to four weeks.

Some areas were inundated by up to of water as a result of the storm.