It's not ironic. My feeling don't matter in the discussion with the women, she j | Hacker News It's not ironic. My feeling don't matter in the discussion with the women, she j | Hacker News

Invalidating my feelings dont matter, want to add to the discussion?

You may want to calmly and without blame state that you feel invalidated. Having my Man Card was important to me. Not a Real Man.

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I have felt suicidal since she left. Everything is going to be fine. I feel sorry for this person. Don't forget to confirm subscription in your email.

How can you order someone to be happy and tell them "You have to be happy! Firstly, it affects me in a non sexual way.

I have a small penis and it really is that bad to have one but what really gets me annoyed is when I read people particularly women say stuff like "size doesn't matter" "it's how you use it" "we don't care" and that annoys me because it invalidates my feelings over the issue and they don't know what it's like it to go through this.

I will validate my feelings by making them a priority. Maybe for unselfish reasons, but probably for selfish ones too. See convo In Spanish they say "Lo siento" when they say want to convey something like the feeling that we say when we say "I'm sorry.

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Not only was I disagreeing with her, but sometimes I was doing so in ways that made it clear that I believed all of my thoughts and financiamiento interno y externo yahoo dating had more value than hers.

There are other things in life besides relationships Here is part of an email I got after Laura left me. PS - What they say a lot here in Peru a lot is "Don't be so egotistical.

Now when it comes to sex of course it matters!


Only masochists who hate themselves would create and execute an action plan to sabotage every conversation they have to provoke an emotionally unpleasant fight for one or both relationship partners—especially knowing the end of that story was a messy divorce and broken home. If she decided to go, then accept that and move on.

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I will listen to my feelings and use them as a guide to help me take better care of myself. It is so we can know what is important, and so we can change things that need to be changed.

You should only do that if you love getting divorced. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.

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I respect and honor myself when I pay attention to and accept my feelings. I will hold onto my truth and validate my own feelings. I know my feelings matter so I will practice accepting them. I have to sit down when I take a piss because I'll end up dribbling piss all over myself if I don't.

Sometimes, when she told me the story, I would find myself disagreeing with her assessment, and defending her friend, or otherwise taking a different viewpoint than she did.

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Now, I'm not on some anti-woman crusade at all I just need to set some things straight. EVERY one of those fights mattered. To try to tell someone not to feel sorry for themselves would be kind of like telling them not to feel anything at all, or not to feel their own feelings. So they say "Me siento I hope that this person learns something about validation and invalidation before she has children.

One of the thousands of paper cuts that would eventually cause our marriage to bleed to death. We accidentally destroy our relationships. So the whole "it's how you use it" isn't relatable at all.

My feelings dont matter

What does that mean? Not a Real Man. The more I tell these stories, the more horrified I am at my obliviousness through the years, and my blindness to what asshole moves these types of beliefs and behaviors are.

Laura leaving me hurt me so much, and this part of the email shows zero empathy or understanding of how much the relationship meant to me.

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Especially a loving romantic relationship. Nonverbal Invalidation Nonverbal invalidation comes in many forms.

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Her San Jose based practice specializes in helping over-stressed, high achieving adults and teens learn to embrace their imperfections and grow happiness.

Then my friend said "I don't find she is. Feeling present with each other, and the emotional connections that thrive from shared experiences was something she wanted.

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It ended my marriage and has surely ruined a number of my other relationships, romantic or otherwise. The more I tell these stories, the more horrified I am at my obliviousness through the years, and my blindness to what asshole moves these types of beliefs and behaviors are.

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Eisenhower 54 Share I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together. It doesn't matter how many times you say "size doesn't matter" I'm the one who sees it in a mirror and realise that size matters.

To have a satisfying relationship with someone, you need them to understand you. Wanting to Fix Feelings Sometimes people feel sad or angry. Does their opinion matter? In fact, the perpetrator is often looking to put you on the defensive and draw you into a non-productive argument that further distracts you from the real issues.

The shittiest are obnoxious eyerolls, finger-drumming, or yawning. To be sure, there ARE people who demonstrate a high level of stoicism and emotional consistency.