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I was very shy. The Big Break Ione: Sometimes you just get gripped by something you have to do. The review of this Movie prepared by Kelly Alleman A new classic.

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Did you really hang out with other actors of the '80s? I don't know what people thought. Besides the father's disapproval, Lloyd is facing a deadline: You just came in and aced it. I didn't think of you as spaced out.

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Come caricare io viaggio online dating who have hit after hit after hit are often just lucky, and people who do disaster after disaster after disaster ione skye and john cusack dating just unlucky.

Isn't she supposed to be good? Ione Skye skyrocketed to filmgoer's attention when she starred opposite Keanu Reeves in the acclaimed River's Edge, her feature acting debut.

I was almost the opposite. You had a quality of being somebody wise beyond your years. I always thought you were earthy. Instead of thinking about what you can do to show how terrific you are, think about progressing the story forward and who you have to be to progress the story forward.

So when I was in the height of the Pretty in Pink fame, it felt pretty similar to the times when I wasn't nearly so popular.

Ione Skye & John Cusack

But it wasn't like I thought, I'm going to really do this when I'm an adult. And that's really good, because if you get caught up in it, it really is a trap.

Really it's all just a crapshoot anyway. This sweet and sincere film by writer-director Cameron Crowe has almost no shocking drama or real villain, but is effective and moving, like its hero.

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Did you get invited? That's very wrenching for a child. I wrote the script not thinking that I'd ever be able to sell it. And you see it in their faces. You want to do the best you can, but you don't have an enormous personal stake in it every time, which I used to have.

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You know that it may be your height that might be the reason they turn you down. A lot of actors I know end up more and more emotionally distraught over auditions because they know more is expected of them because they've been around a while or they might be famous.

Diane has a scholarship to go to England at the end of the summer. Diane breaks up with Lloyd and breaks his heart, and it takes a lot for forgiveness to happen.

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Lloyd is one of the most honestly told and played characters I've seen, and one I can relate to as a man.

Unless you're hypersocial, you don't notice that you've become any more or less famous. For three months she and Lloyd are virtually inseperable, until tragedy strikes the Court family. I think that never leaves. The relationship gets rocked when Diane's father gets indicted for stealing money from old people in his nursing home.

I recommend to any actor to spend some time either as a reader or as an assistant for a casting director, because you see the common actor mistakes, and all of a sudden you'll stop taking it so personally, and it will make you so much happier in life.

Ione Skye & Jon Cryer

I was 15 when I did River's Edge. One good film, seven bad films. But that's how we met.

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That puts her in conflict with her devotion to Lloyd, an aimless young man who captures her heart. That was about the extent of it.

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For me, I knew I wanted to be an actor from when I was I definitely feel like there's stuff I can do now that's way better than the stuff I've done in the past, but at the same time what I miss from them now is this incredible manic energy I had, because I was so nervous all the time.

Cryer attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. They didn't have to hire a teacher for me. My mother was like, "Whoops. Or something completely arbitrary, like your hair color or that funny sound you make with your lips. She loves him and wants to do right by him.

But I was able to pretend really well, like a kid playing, and I can still do that. It's been pretty consistent in that way.

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