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Barry, on the other hand, has been tasked with keeping Iris away from danger by erasing her curiosity chlorine 36 rock exposure dating website "the Streak. Domestic fics often build heavily on their comics backstory, with Future fics depicting Barry and Iris married before their relationship became canon.

Another major villain is heading to The Flash Barry grapples with his feelings for Iris, before giving Iris and Eddie his blessing. Other Adaptations Barry and Iris were together in the first episode of the 's The Flash TV series, before breaking up due to differences of where they wanted to take their relationship Barry proposed, but Iris moved away.

Barry and Iris were previously together in the Injustice: Meanwhile, she has started dating Detective Eddie Thawne in Barry's absence, making Barry feel like he's lost his chance with her.

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Iris goes through periods of fear and dismissal, but tells her father the truth in episode Reverse Flash - whom he has pulled out of the time stream and kept trapped since rescuing his mother - informs Barry that soon he will lose his own powers and forget about the previous timeline entirely, which at first Barry is fine with.

However, he keeps his feelings for her hidden until he is struck by the particle accelerator and falls into a 9-month coma. After Barry returns to his original timeline, Iris and Barry begin dating.

After defeating Zoom, Barry still feels totally empty.

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The battle does not go his way until Eddie kills himself, which essentially kills Eobard as well because he is Eddie's descendant. When Iris mentioned that she wanted her work as a reporter, her boyfriend pointed out that her articles have already made an impact on the world.

There are plenty of reasons to fall in love with Barry Allen. They are married and are expecting twins, one of which would be Bart Allen 's father. Unfortunately, he immediately travels back in time in his attempt to save the city, thus erasing Iris' confession. Instead, he became absolutely determined to change the course of the future and save Iris from Savitar.

A coffee date?

Despite this setback, Barry still learns in episode 20 that he and Iris are marrried in the future. She is a police detective who is married to Barry's doppelganger, and Barry starts playing along instead of continuing his mission because - again - he can't help himself.

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Instead, he helps her move on from grieving Eddie by presenting her with a birthday message from him. So I think it's nice to know that at some point all of the sexual and romantic tension can kind of come to a head.

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As far as Barry knows, Iris will use this closure to start dating Scott Evans. Who will end up with the fastest man alive? This led to a pseudo sibling relationship, where both Iris and Barry refer to Joe as Dad, despite the two not being blood relatives.

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The minute he finds out that Savitar is going to try and kill Iris sometime in the near future, he immediately sets out trying to change her fate. Hmmm… we have a feeling Caitlyn will definitely be kissing a speedster this Christmas -- the question is: At first the team is very upset with him, but Iris reminds them that they're a family and they have to forgive each other whenever possible.

Most people would probably curl up into a ball of grief and be utterly traumatized by that vision, but not Barry. The explosion sends him into the speedforce, but Iris is able to get him out with Cisco's help.

Linda is on the scene and immediately starts dating Barry, so it's interesting for Iris to watch and deal with her feelings for Barry as she watches their relationship unfold.

Fanon Westallen is the primary canon ship for Barry and for the show, and it is also very popular among the fanbase. Barry thinks he's set everything right once he reappears in the show's original continuity, but it turns out there are several differences.

That is until episode 15, when her father is kidnapped and a tidal wave is threatening to destroy Central City. It is actually Iris who eventually defeats Savitar at the end of Season 3; but she loses Barry to the speedforce prison. It immediately brings Barry out of his shell, so it's fun to watch.

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That date, what is it Contents Canon Season 1 Barry Allen and Iris West have been best friends since they were children, and Barry has been harboring romantic feelings for her since he can remember. I think she knows that it's a possibility, you know Eddie told her that's what's on the paper, so I think in some way she'd deeply aware that that's a possibility.

Season 2 Eobard's death opened a wormhole in Central City, which weakened the barrier between this Earth and the neighboring one, Earth What he feels he should have done at the end of season one.

However, Joe is an alcoholic who hasn't spoken to his kids in years here, and Iris' brother Wally makes for a very reckless and unsupervised Kid Flash.

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Barry and Iris remain best friends but neither one brings up their feelings from the year before. They are mature enough to give each other constructive criticism, and they work together as a team in order to overcome any obstacles.

When it comes to Caitlin Snow's love life, we know two things: The Flash fans are blowing up my Twitter already so I'm excited to see their reaction after this episode! Iris reminds him that she loves him and is ready to move forward whenever he is, and he lets her know that he needs time.