11 ways to tell that your personal trainer is a waste of time and money 11 ways to tell that your personal trainer is a waste of time and money

Is dating your personal trainer bad, they don’t give you work to do outside of sessions

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They should not be using elongated Latin terms to explain that pull-ups make you stronger than lat pulldowns. He or she should know exercises, weights, rest intervals, and even the exercise tempo.

Do they umm and ahh about what exercise to choose, and become a little flustered? No profession, however, is without its rough spots. There may be client turnover. For those wondering what is the worst part of being a personal trainer, here is a look: Even those trainers who wish to totally avoid the soap operatic nature of certain fitness clubs find avoiding the drama to be pretty difficult at times.

Tabata used sparingly can be great for increasing your cardio fitness, and for shedding a few extra pounds.


Good personal trainers recognize this. Or, it could be that your personal trainer absolutely sucks! The Creepster In Chicago, year-old Hollie was happy to have a chatty personal trainer until he took the conversation to an awkward level.

You can usually tell because every day is different, with a different exercise order, and a different first exercise. Hell, some of these trainers were so bad, I felt a civic duty to rescue their clients like I was a modern-day Harriett Tubman. If you have a bad experience with a personal trainer but love your gym, it can seem like an inequitable fitness divorce.

Your Bad Personal Trainer is Ruining Your Fitness Goals and What You Should Do About it

You should come out of every session feeling that you learned something, not simply that you have done what you could have done by yourself. The fitness instructor explained how high intensity workouts caused the body to produce more cortisol; a hormone that can make us store more fat.

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The latter option is the same type of relationship that a quality trainer will always adopt. They can bench press lbs, right?

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Has your one-minute rest ever become a five-minute cool down while they talk about their latest escapades? A better plan would be not to try and do so.

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Beyond all measure of doubt, yes. Bad ones teach you to do exercises like that. A good trainer will take a different approach. Not every client or coworker makes life easy.

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Good personal trainers give you homework, with a reason. Instead, I was introduced to my personal trainer, the apathetic chubby lady babysitter. Instead, they create exercise potpourris that just happen to last 60 minutes. They seem to have no plan A good personal trainer will keep a log of your progress and have a plan in mind for you in the coming months too.

So, just as you would want references before hiring a construction firm to do your attic conversion, you should also check out your personal trainer.

Is it the pay, the hours, the gym managers, the clueless clients? If you are not, then you are probably wasting your money. Videos and photos are the thing to look out for here — evidence that the person you're thinking of hiring has significantly helped people like you in the past.

They Overcomplicate Everything

The weights you lifted, for how many reps, and general comments on your sessions. Do they have a log of all your sessions, past and present?

Bank transfer will do nicely, thanks very much.

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Advertising A personal trainer worth their salt puts an extreme emphasis on creating a program that works and adapts to you. Do his physique, energy and attitude need to reflect a life well lived and bear the fruits of an effective exercise regime?

Don't Listen To These Trainers - They Don't Know What They're Talking About

Perhaps you have even hired yourself a personal trainer to get your fitness plan worked out. Tell the trainer specific things that bothered you about the session Share your feelings with the club manager Ask the front desk to be transferred to another trainer Before he was a CrossFit coach and personal trainer, Ben struggled with his own weight loss, so he gets it.

As inspirational as a wet lettuce Part coach, part motivator, part movement specialist, part nutritionist and part inspiration.

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