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He who once ventures to lie, deserves no more confidence. You'd better have one hundred who envy you than one who is sorry for you.

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He confides the cabbage to the goat. The soul is retained in it only by the prayer. Mindennek megvan a maga ideje. There are still some errors.

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The garret is full of promises. A nagy hal megeszi a kis halat. God does not beat one with a stick. Truth cannot be hid under a bushel.

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The developments have led to the breaking of bread i. A liar is caught sooner than a lame dog. Tastes and slaps are different. Even on old goat likes to lick salt. Like question, like answer.

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It is better to ask twice than to err once. Every cock is master upon his own dunghill. They are in then same boat. He looks for a needle in a bundle of hay. Without driving even a goat would not go to the market.

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Where is by now the snow of last year? He combines the pleasant with the useful. If it is not one's shirt, one should not put it on.

Help yourself and the God will also help you. Even God cannot satisfy everyone.

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He goes to see fire in the house. Time passes, it waits for nobody. He whose mouth was once burned by hot mush, blows even at sour milk. He would be good for death. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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He respects neither God, nor man. Even of a good thing too much is harmful. He draws everything to one to the same last. What was stolen by the house, will be returned by it.

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One cannot put everything under one that. Fish stinks from the head on. It implies the refusal of the search for the reasons of the errors. My house is my castle. He is a spoon in all liquids. We shall write it in soot in the chimney.

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He who is good, gets his deserved punishment. Akkor se hisznek a hazugnak, mikor igazat mond. Each should sweep before his own house. A cadre will not be lost, only transformed. Hear and see much, say little. Isten nem ver bottal. He likes it as a goat likes the knife that kills him.