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Iu wooyoung dating really short, jang wooyoung – going going romanization

What never got covered by the media properly, unlike all those derogatory articles based on Wooyoung's comments about IU was IU's personal clarification flirties cluster lashes wholesale this controversy: I'm going to go crazy, really MC Kim Tae Woo raised his own suspicions about the couple, saying, "I bet Wooyoung just said some cheesy pick-up lines".

But then, because the cast was promoting Dream High in Japan, there were get-together's with the cast and staff. Meanwhile, Wooyoung and IU showed off their 'Milky Couple' affection for each other by having a special performance.

Wooyoung got played by IU & needed Seulong’s help to get close to her

To this, IU says, "What's with that smiley. It was awkward during the meal, so we just ate". Wooyoung made a surprise appearance during the performance and presented her with candies, and he went on to carry out a 'kiss performance' with his girl.

And she pestered me with all these Why'd-you-do it questionings through text when she's the one who implied I pay. Posted 10 October - So obviously, to netizens and fans who do not know the truth, it's like Iu wooyoung dating really short so nice to stay close to IU even after all that happened.

Sports Today via Nate.

Kim Jonghyun News

After paying, I told her 'next time, you treat'". A few days, we all went out after I said I'll be paying that day, but I don't know if Wooyoung oppa wanted to play a prank on me, but he reserved seatings at a barbecue meat restaurant pretty pricey in Korea.

She wore an elegant dress and impressed the crowd with her awesome vocals. I felt apologetic because around 10 people had eaten, so I offered to pay the next chance we get.

We reserved and came to a beef restaurant, but now, he says we should eat pork belly here out of all places And because of that extra "you left early, that's lame" comment, people naturally start saying, "Wow, she's so rude to leave early.

She's called the "ribeye kkotbaem" everywhere and what Wooyoung gained out of this controversy back then was, he was dubbed a gentleman for putting up with IU's antics.

Dating History

Check out the performance below: People still drag her for this, honestly. So I kept asking him why he paid for it, and he just responded that it was only mannerly of him to do so.

From my perspective, I think he had something against IU during that period because the choice of words he used and the tone while talking badly about her during the episode The two truthfully told their tales during the "Dream High Special Concert" and elaborated that they went on two dates after filming the drama.

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It [the joke] bothered me, bothered me a lot. Really, this case was what started the string of online IU hate since it was her first huge controversy.

IU and Wooyoung (MilkyCouple) on We Got Married ?

I said that it's fine and we should eat beef, and so we ordered ribeye and ate a lot. After the cast grilled the two for more details, IU revealed, "After promising that I'd treat him the next time, we went to a meat place.

Anyhow, we went but upon getting there, he said that we could eat pork belly pork is wayyyy cheaper than beef. Because 10 of us ate.

2PM’s Wooyoung Says He Can Relate To Jonghyun’s Depression, And Revealed How He Overcame It

There's a reason why a lot of IU's Korean fans find Wooyoung pretty annoying, or a plain attention-seeker. So this time around, we had fun talking and eating, but when done eating, the bill came out to be a lot.

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It was such a big bill I was reluctant to pay it, but my manager kept ushering me to do it and we ended up splitting between him and me.

Why are you tweeting all this instead of using KakaoTalk Taecyeon and Eunjung were surprised, and kept repeating, "Really? Past ones were so minor like, "Oh, she was late to the Dream High Concert.

Jang Wooyoung (장우영) – Going Going

I was determined to buy the next time because I ended up eating expensive dinners for free twice because of him. I honestly think IU's selfless for not bothering to clarify this over again so that it does get out to the media and she can shut up haters once and for all.

Anyhow, I'll translate how IU clarified it sad that no one really knows about it though: They also revealed why their kiss scene wasn't steamy or even on the lips, saying, "The producer wanted a real kiss on the lips, but we didn't think it was right, so we didn't do it".

So I really regretted it. I felt really sorry, to oppa. No one except the 'Milky Couple' knew about their two dates. I don't hate Wooyoung, but he did lose my respect during this entire happening.

Jang Wooyoung (장우영) - Going Going Lyrics - KLyrics

I was a little worried about the bill, and was about to pay, but I found out that Wooyoung paid already. So, as a joke, I said, "Oppa, if I step out to pay the bill and it turns out you already paid for me, then you'd be a totally cool guy.

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We ate late at night by ourselves at a restaurant. There were many people there by the number. Thought all IU fans should know the full story, too, before making their own judgment!