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Julle hou my in kontak met my wonderlike land!

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Many years later in Witbank when I work in my workshop, my little girl age 8 came to me with a plug-top lid in her hand. By a bad mistake I made, I was nearly a dead boy.

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I would like to talk about the previous volt wall outlet and plug top. The wall out-let and plug-top is especially design them to use. The people who never use this product before, is the person without hands, arms, who are in a wheelchair, people who can not use there body properly and this is basically every body who have a body defect.

This is a number no one can count. Some off these screws strip and the screw cannot keep the lid in position. Since then, wall out-lets and its components are use by the human. Many people use these products before they become crippled.

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Since then all human start to use electricity and it took a long time before electricity reach every body. Al new products are made today from plastic that can melt and is more dangerous than the b2b dating chatting company free site products.

List of analogue terrestrial FM transmitters: Crippled, elderly, infirm, and many children including women with long nails cannot use a wall out-let and plug-top. I did make a prototype to see how it work and it do work excellent with all the safety present.

Thank you for all the laughs and fun things you guys do sometimes I laugh so much the tears roll down my face. Sometimes the safety clip bend, then the plug-top cannot be inserted to the contact holes; this is where force is used to force the plug-top into the contact holes.

Many buildings went up in flames due to a faulty wall out-let. Today is it so that electricity is in such a way that every body can use it. I was shocked by volt electricity too when I try to replace a wall out-let, at that time I was a young boy age 12 and I thought I was an electrician as well.

Even a two year old child can insert or remove the new plug-top from the new wall out-lets or adaptor with ease.

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I moved to Cape Town 5 years go and missed a proper radio station. The Weekend breakfast with Alex Jay Today I call it the wall safety out-let, adaptor and plug-top. Take a crippled person; they definitely cannot use these products.

GMT Guest This is a stunning website, the quality is good and has minimal downtime. These transmitters are operated by South Africa's state-owned broadcast signal distributor Sentech.

If a person does not have a plug-top, they clean any electrical cable and insert the clean copper wire into the contact holes, and then they insert the plug-top so that the plug-top keep the wire in position.

I cannot go a day without tuning my radio to the best radio station ever!!!! I do design the new wall out-let, adaptor, and plug-top to give the user the ultimate safety they need, not for the money, but to safe a life and a building.

What can a product, like this do for many people who never use this product before? Many of the contact plates bend when the plug-top are continuously used, therefore a loose connection can occur where a plug-top or wall out-lets can explode, and that can bring a building down.

It is alarming to see how many of these products there is that already kill a person or a building that goes up in flames.

Live worldwide audio streaming is hosted on its website.

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With electricity, wall out-lets, adaptors, plug-tops two-pin adaptors are manufacture for the human to use. Me myself have a crippled women friend, she cannot insert or remove a plug-top from a wall out-let or an adaptor.

Changes and facilities are made for the human to use like the crippled, elderly, infirm, and children. The Chamberlains Top 20 with Kriya Gangiah GMT Since my daughter left for the UK your station has been my constant companion alleviating the loneliness.

The new identity complements the Jacaranda FM brand - a brand that is locally rooted, globally savvy, music-driven, accessible, trusted, caring and all-round fun. I can laugh, sing and dance again!!!

Dankie vir die goeie inhoud en wonderlike musiek. I leave my lathe work at that time and went with her to her room to see what went wrong with the plug-top. If a plug-top are tight to a wall out-let or adaptor, people use any steel objects like a knife to remove the plug-top.

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Today, the product is so safe and good that every body can use it, including the crippled, elderly, infirm, and children. Breakfast Xtra with Liesl laurie Till today I cannot say how she did it.

Inthe name was changed again to Jacaranda As we know it, a wall out-lets have three insert holes and a plug-top have two or three pins. Continue listening to your favorite stations anytime, anywhere. History[ edit ] The station started broadcasting at midnight on 1 January during a special outside broadcast from a New Year's Eve ball in the Pretoria City Hall.

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In connection to the new volt Wall safety out-let and plug-top Many years ago when electricity arrives all over the world, it explode like a bomb. They also have a secondary studio in the Montecasino complex, Johannesburg. High School Hits with Renaldo Schwarp I perfect the product to make it absolutely safe for the user and I look deeper into the product so that every body can use the product.

She has to depend on her husband or young children to do it for her. How frustrated can it be if you cannot use the most common product on earth? Prominent past presenters of this radio station include: Since wall out-let and plug-tops are made, the basic principal inside these products stays the same, and is not made out of bakelite anymore but.

The same to none qualified electrician, who have no idea what they do, and to replace a wall out-let without any knowledge at all.

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