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Jack and his wife hug and are shown in bed together, but they're just getting ready to sleep.

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On the downside, women who don't fit a certain standard of beauty are the butt of jokes, and there are some stereotypical depictions of a Mexican family.

Everyone uses Sony computers Sony is also distributing the film ; Pepto and Dunkin Donuts aren't just prominently featured -- the companies are Jack's clients, and fake commercials the brands are shown in the movie. Positive Messages Although Jack and Jill's positive message is overshadowed by the many gross-out gags and fart jokes -- not to mention the many jokes made at others' expense especially women who don't fit the "accepted" standard of beauty -- there are some take-aways about the importance of family, friendship, and not taking your siblings for granted.

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Consumerism Like many of Sandler's movies, there are nonstop product placements and corporate tie-ins. Jack, disguised as Jill, shoves and hits Al Pacino, and he retaliates.

Jill punches a bathroom attendant, who goes flying through a bathroom door. Jill's full-figure bras and control-top panties are shown on more than one occasion for laughs. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox.

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Jack's son punches his Aunt Jill, and she falls off her chair. Since Sandler plays both Jack and his twin sister, Jill, the movie "allows" him to make many jokes about women's bodies and personalities -- not to mention bodily functions.

Parents concerned with commercialism should note that the comedy is chock-full of product placements, from Sony which is also the movie's distributor to Dunkin Donuts and many, many more. Jack realizes how important his twin sister is to him, even though she annoys him.

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Violence Slapstick and physical comedy throughout: What parents need to know Parents need to know that, like all Adam Sandler movies aimed at families, Jack and Jill includes lots of potty humor and crude jokes at the expense of women who don't fit the Hollywood ideal of beauty.

The sequence on the cruise feels like an extended commercial for Royal Caribbean and its ship. Sex Pacino makes lots of suggestive overtures toward Jill, and Felipe also flirts with her. There's also plenty of insult language "freak," "stupid," "loser," etc.

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Language "Hell," "crap," "oh my God," and insults ranging from "freak" and "annoying" to "loser" and "stupid. The parents' guide to what's in this movie. A lot or a little?

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