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However, since then, she was never heard of again; this may be due to eventually finding out she was a troll.

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For more information on reply coupons click here. The Man jackie soyka dating mastic ny the Pickle Suit explained Vulva's name: These provided valuable context about Chris's activities online throughout the latter half of Chris then regretted breaking up with Jackie, as this confirmed to him that she was real.

Send your letter and wait. While it was irrefutable proof that they were in contact back then, no correspondence between them was known to the public until 27 Aprilwhen Chris's email from 5 August was posted on CWCki Forumsand 6 Maywhen a whole set of emails was leaked there.

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Jackie and a character she created in named Vulva Pie [5] are featured in Sonichu You can only get them at your post office. If you want to request an autograph, follow the guidelines bellow. View larger map How to send your fan mail and autograph requests to Jackie Chan?: Jackie Chan responded on february No Success: Place the IRCs into the envelope, not on it.

If you live in Hong Kong send a properly stamped and self addressed envelope minimum size 8.

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Judging by them, Jackie resumed contact with him on 7 December The actual breakup happened a couple days later, when he stopped responding to Jackie's emails. Various Artists Success and No Success Jackie Chan - May 9th, I tried to get a few autographs for a friend for christmas or her birthday depends when the answers comebut only one responds sadly, I wrote the letters on August so I think enough time passed now to give feedback, maybe the artist she like are to much hyped and importend now or to busy, who knows, but here is the list: Adresses uses as on Fanmail.

In Decemberhe asked Idea Guy to analyze pictures of Jessica Quinn and Jackie to determine if they were legit or trolls, sending him lewds of the former and a nude of the latter. Since there had been no further Jackie-related videos and Chris had decided to quit the Internet again, it was assumed they had split up.

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In Novembernew information about Jackie was released in the form of various chats and emails. The email exchanges proved that yet again, Chris is unwilling to make any improvements to his life - even to get the china he so desperately craves. ROBEE'S BALLAD was leaked to the public; it was intriguing to many, because, while its main theme was Chris's Tomgirl lifestyle, adopted by him in the earlyJackie is also mentioned in various songs, and at the moment of its public release it was commonly thought that they weren't communicating with each other since November On 30 Octoberan inebriated -looking Chris posted a video in which he pleads Jackie to stay with him.

Megan Fox Brittany Robertson I wrote a letter with some questions but non of them was answered for my friend, I only got the pictures back with the signature. You can include a piece of cardboard to keep the photo from bending in shipping and also add "Do Not Bend" on the envelopes.


In the story, Vulva has a fling with Robbie Sonichu in summerwhich is cut short when Jackie, her mother, dumps Chris and leaks the content she got from him, compelling them both to go "on the lam". We came up with the name "Vulva Pie" during Jackie and we didn't explain to Chris what it meant.

During May, however, Jackie got back on Chris' good side and was subsequently re-friended on the site, proving that Chris is terribly gullible when it comes to china. Idea Guy informed him that they were from the Hyperdimension Neptunia universe. The reason is unknown, though it has been speculated that it was the result of a flood of Tomgirl videos aimed at Jackie being leaked onto the Internet.

Regret Chris held onto Jackie's nudes several years after being trolled by her. The emails aren't later than 5 Augusthowever leaked screencaps of his private Facebook posts from February reveal that he was still in some contact with her and hoping that they may get back together.

Her name is Vulva in his head, and while he's annoyed that trolls got him to name her that, it's too late now as far as he's concerned. If you just want to mail a letter with the address above, and do not want anything back, then you can stop reading!