Jesy Nelson engaged to Jake Roche Jesy Nelson engaged to Jake Roche

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I think his girlfriend would say something different. You've been stuck for what seems like an eternity talking to the uncle you haven't seen in years, and there's no escape in sight. During a recent visit to New York, the police even had to be called to keep the crazies under control.

Fabien Cousteau and his two crew members resurfaced after 31 days living underwater and collecting scientific data, also in July. In Florida actually and I may as well have just brought a teddy because I spent so much money trying to get it. But how did these things impact Jake from instrument-playing boyband Rixton?

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Finally in July, a fire broke out on Eastbourne Pier, destroying the arcade. It was really magnitka online dating, actually," he laughed.

Yeah just whack my face on his face. Yes, the guys are incredibly grateful for the fact that they're super busy.

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They kind of think Americans need to give themselves a break. It would make me buy one. Did I insult someone? I think my main thing is not having my mum around to wash my clothes, that kind of stuff," he laughed, noting it's hard being away from his mum's cooking for prolonged periods.

The "Wait On Me" foursome, who are prepped to drop their Let the Road album in Januarygave us some advice for dealing with those times you find yourself trapped in uncomfortable holiday scenarios. When was the last time you got something stuck in your throat?

They didn't ask for a picture or anything, they just got away.

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Well, Roche gave Morgan the honor of being the biggest ladies' man, as well as the loudest. While Roche said he couldn't necessarily think of any music they listen to on repeat that people might consider embarrassing, he was quick to point out that they're really into one particular type of music right now.


That is a lot. Taking a break from their crazy busy schedule, lead singer Jake Roche gave us the on this hot new band. There is a rat roaming London right now with two legs!

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They're what you might call "mama's boys. Whose face would you like to be on? But whatever it is that you did, hold your head up high, walk on in and just "smile and nod and say 'you are welcome.

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When was the last time you were distracted by someone more famous than yourself? Their ideal downtime would likely include sweatpants. I don't even want the family name. Two reporters from a Brighton newspaper were taken to hospital after they each had a bite of the XXX Hot Chilli Burger, which contains a sauce made in India reportedly using about 5, kilos of piri piri chilis concentrated into one kilo.

Rixton interview: 'Jake Roche is constantly naked'

So basically he had his own corridor? Immediately Double chicken breast fillet wrap. How many drinks did I have? Oh all the time, yeah. Probably like One Republic or Maroon 5. Get our crap, extremely infrequent mailout. Does Louis suffer from that problem a lot? Do you want to hear a disgusting story about a rat?

This was all very bizarre and very new to him, but exciting nonetheless.

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Been there, done that. Oh what are you trying to say? It's inevitable that you'll get a really bad gift this holiday season, but there are ways to cope.

No, but my mum has. Just on its two back legs, wandering around. We hope you had a satisfactory year and wish you all the very best for If Rixton could form a supergroup with another… Hang on, are you a boyband?

And then a drink, obviously.