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He put people on their backs. I was fired up because you always want to see the physical play.

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That it is on offense rather than defense doesn't matter. It can corporate a fullback just fine, as needed. That's how he scored on a 1-yard pass from Anu Solomon at Nevada in the second game of the season.

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Sometimes, if a guy ain't doing it on one side of the ball, we look around and see if he can help in another area, and that's what happened. Cobb hasn't even carried the ball yet.

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Schmitt was known as the "Runaway Beer Truck. He's a long way from being as advanced gray zone dating productive as Schmitt.

Rodriguez said Cobb is now up to speed with about six plays jamardre cobb yahoo dating offense. If coaches hadn't moved Cobb from linebacker to fullback late in fall camp, we'd still be wondering what the heck happened to him.

It's exciting everybody on offense to see that.

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Then he taught him the play-action fake off that play, with Cobb running into the flat. Magee, for sure, is excited enough about the potential here to make Cobb a full-time offensive player.

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He can run if we needed him to," Magee said. Even with all the injuries at linebacker, the redshirt freshman wasn't sniffing playing time until the staff suggested that a move to offense would be a quick path to playing time.

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Cobb said his initial reaction to the position switch was a mix of excitement and skepticism about his role. That's when fullback Jamardre Cobb pancaked, steamrolled, flattened, de-cleated -- pick your favorite verb here -- Oregon State defenders on back-to-back-to-back plays late in the third quarter and early in the fourth quarter of Saturday's victory.

Arizona's 'Pork Chop' finds juicy role as fullback T It was special," said Magee, who coaches running backs. The Wildcats had a need to get more physical, so he's the ticket, especially in the red zone, where spread offenses are known to fizzle.

In the meantime -- and maybe for a good, long while -- Cobb has found a cool niche as a short-yardage fullback, a bulldozer.

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Ware, who also dealt with initial injury issues upon arrival, is still trying to work his way up the depth chart at linebacker. He picked up the unfortunate nickname "Pork Chop" last fall when he was neither healthy nor in shape.

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The Cats have even shown a diamond formation in the backfield, with two running backs flanking Solomon, and another behind him. Fans had high hopes for him and his Los Angeles Salesian High teammate Marquis Ware -- both four-star linebackers -- when they signed in Didn't see this coming, did you?

Whatever Coach told me, I said, 'OK.

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