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Jim Sturgess

Filmed in the Isle of Manthe production was partially funded by the band Coldplayuniversity friends of the director. Sturgess moved to Manchester to attend the University of Salford in the hope that it would enable him to continue his music and take part in the Manchester music scene.

But has he moved on from the past indulging himself in a new relationship?

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Know about his affairs and dating history Who is Jim Sturgess dating currently? If requesting an autograph, be sure toinclude a self-addressed and properly stamped envelope.

He's currently dating Mickey O Brian, they've been dating for about four years now.

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Sturgess appears as Jamie Morgan, a young man whose life has always been blighted by the large, heart-shaped port wine birthmark on his face and sells his soul to the devil. Sturgess has an amazing career till date but his personal life is not as successful because of some failed relationships in dioses muiscas yahoo dating past.

Directed by Daniel Alfredson and co-starring Sam Worthington and Anthony Hopkinsfilming finished before the end of the year. The film was later put on hiatus because funding could not be secured.


Well, best wishes to him. Getting Married Anytime Soon? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. He also played the male lead role of Ben Campbell in 21a film about five MIT students who, by counting cards, take Las Vegas casinos for millions.

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That's A real story Does Jim sturgess have a girlfriend? Sturgess went along to the audition and landed one of the parts in the play. It was originally slated for release in[15] but delays pushed back the release date.

Who is jin sturgess dating?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When their bands shared the same rehersal room. Ace showbiz We hope Sturgess finds the right lady for him after he realizes the right time to do so. Mickey O' Brien, she's a musician. Jim Sturgess receives mail at: He is not married.

A post shared by JimSturgess officialjimsturgess on Nov 21, at It's about A group taking Vegas casinos for millions by counting cards. He posted a photo on his Instagram where his caption read quietly depressed. Firstly i know Jim sturgess and mickey o'brien and they are dating!!!

Who is Jim Sturgess dating right now?

He doesnt have a fan mail, or myspace or facebook etc. The span of relationship with someone is uncertain. Doona and Jim dated and Doona even termed him as her significant other. Filming was completed in May in Montrealand as of early a limited international release was planned.

Jim is an English actor andmusician.

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So the reason for their split is still a mystery. An official selection of the Tribeca Film Festivalit premiered there in as part of the Viewpoint selections.

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The novel, about two students who meet on 15 Julyfollows them on every 15 July for the next 20 years. Also, he is 28, and he has a girlfriend, Mickey O Brian: It sucks, doesn't it?

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Jim is a well knownactor from the United Kingdom. He likes cigarettes and alcohol.

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How tall is Jim Sturgess? They've been dating for like 4 years or something. Some relationships last long whereas others dwell for short time.