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It made this viewer appreciate just how good the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Barrino, and Carrie Underwood truly are.

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Adam Corolla quoted her as " lbs. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was joined by the Radio City Rockettes on Monday night to kick off the festivities, with a crowd of approximately one million spectators crammed into the neighborhood to witness the magic of the year-old tradition.

His musical accents are distinct but not distracting. It was obvious Curtis would cover a Fantasia song. With the strong "Idol" country base, it's unlikely she'll be "Gone," but who knows?

I thought Burnell's performance was far more soulful.

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She still holds many of the values from her childhood. Michael Bloomberg, having now served three terms in office, cannot pursue another term. What wristwatch does Ryan Seacrest wear? Yes, she was raised a mormon.

Janelle Arthur eliminated from 'American Idol'

Curtis comes across as smug and the vocal tricks as gimmicky. She sings country and you can visit her website to learn more. Is Ryan Seacrest Married?

Relationship With Kelly Ripa?

Ryan Seacrest

Security in Times Square was tight, with a mass of uniformed police and plainclothes officers assigned to blend into the crowd. Amber Holcomb The "Idol" producers saved one of the best for last. He flies back to Atlanta, his hometown, and him and familygo to a candle lit Christmas eve service ever year and a fonduedinner.

He has quite dating thai girl advice quotes few - I've seen him with at least 6 or 7 different ones!! Seacrest and Ripa are a hosting perfect pair as they exude so much on-screen chemistry.

The lovestruck model and chef equally expressed a strong support for her man following allegations of sexual harassment from a former colleague. I dont want to give out more information but yes she truly does exist.

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There were some serious pitch issues throughout the entire song. Every Christmas he goes home tocelebrate his birthday December 24th and Christmas together.

Where does Julianne Hough live now? No, they are not going out they said that they do love each other but in a friendship kind of way.

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He'll be safe for awhile if he keeps singing like this. As host of E!

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According to Hough, their busy career schedules made it impossible for them to remain together, hence, the separation. Ryan Seacrest image source Radio presenter, TV host, producer and fashion entrepreneur, American-born Ryan Seacrest is indeed an all-round media mogul.

Her name is Chelise. He wished Ryan Seacrest a happy new year, and joked that he hoped he would be invited after this next year. Her famous golden curls were tamed instead into a sleek blowout.

Revelers in Times Square welcomed in with a spectacular display of fireworks and confetti as they watched the famous Waterford crystal ball make its annual descent to mark the New Year Twenty minutes before the Waterford ball was scheduled to fall, Taylor Swift performed I Knew You Were Trouble, wearing a slim-fitting metallic red jacket and skin-tight leather pants.

Police presence in the Broadway tourist trap is already intense but with the influx of visitors, law enforcement will be out in full force.

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He doesn't mind being 5'7. Is julianne hough a morman?

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On his Twitter he also mentioned playing baseball onhis church's league back in Atlanta. No her middle name is not Marie its Alexandra.

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She also has one brother,Derek. I don't know if he was guestimating, or if that's actually what she weighs. However, the event is often avoided by native New Yorkers, who tend to favor quieter and warmer celebrations. South Korean rapper Psy, who turned 35 today, wore a furry white coat and slim black turtleneck to perform his hit Gangnam Style, which has taken the world by storm with its infectious chorus.

Janelle Arthur

After nearly 3 years of dating, the couple announced their split in March Their relationship lasted for 2 years and came to an end in I agree with Nicki Minaj that her styling could be improved; Amber is young but came across a little pageant-y.

Is Julianne Hough Mormon?

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He knows exactly who to cater to -- his female country fan base -- by singing a song like Lonestar's "Amazed. She will take the season off to pursue her singing career. The waiting pens, set up to avoid a crowd surge, have been erected starting at West 40th St.

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Ryan Seacrest is 5' 7. Are derek hough and julianne hough twins? Beyond their relationship as colleagues, the pair also maintains a cordial relationship off-screen. According to Ryan Seacrest, the rapper was caught in traffic on the freeway and totally missed the first performance from Curtis Finch Jr.

His look was on point tonight too. Spectators enjoyed hourly shows in anticipation of the midnight finale. Of course she's tiny and only 5'4" Ryan Seacrest is a Christian. Some proved they had winning material while others fell short.

At midnight, the Times Square ball, covered with 2, Waterford crystal triangles and illuminated by more than 32, colored LEDs, will drop to mark the official start of in the U. What is julianne houghs sisters name? Here's how I ranked them, from best to worst -- and yes, the girls are in it to win it: