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Who knows… but I guess in some cases money can buy love. Spindel specializes in what she calls an "upscale" clientele. Email It wasn't a blind date, not for me anyway. Her daughter Carly was the same way when we talked the following day. Someone whose whole business was based on an old-fashioned value system matching people based on their family background, looks and religious beliefs that struck me as utterly unromantic and even a little sexist.

But I was terrified of meeting her. Their drive, dedication, and persistence are also contributing factors to their success.

NY’s Dating Queen: Janis Spindel

For Carly, she simply loves helping people find love. If it is, then the introductions will start. Men, says Spindel, are visual creatures, so she's constantly on the prowl for women who fit the bill.

If there are good vibes all around, introductions and invites to signature events will begin. Once a potential client reaches out, Janis will either pinneberger tageblatt online dating up a simulated date e.

And here Janis spindel dating site was, turning myself inside out to impress this yenta. I peek into her bedroom the door is open and see more piles of clutter and distinctly unfashionable clothing. Their weekly podcast is especially valuable for women because it covers topics like where to meet men and common dating mistakes to avoid, with the tips coming directly from their clients.

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Those are our favorite stories, too, as well as those about the people who make it happen, like Janis and Carly. Available to the Masses: So Spindel steps in, after the check is cut, of course.

Suddenly I stopped myself.

Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking - New York, United States

And flirting, shamelessly, with every good-looking guy in the restaurant, chatting them up, handing them her card, and introducing them to Jessica, her latest project. Men want very pretty women who are thin who take care of themselves.

New clothes and a fresh manicure was more effort than I usually put in for a real date. The Spindel ladies complement each other, which is also a plus for their diverse clients.

Janis' clients are rich men, mostly of a particular breed: In an already superficial world, these men have their future lady chosen down to preferred eye color, hair color and weight. And she's not shy about sharing the long list of qualities "her women" should have: But maybe my nails could wait after all, as I needed to go shopping for a new outfit.

Is it laziness or just bad timing? Informational Podcasts, Books, and Articles Janis and Carly pride themselves on providing a high-end service, and they understand that it might not be for everyone.

So even before I met her, I could tell the woman was a force of nature. As I listened to her talk, my own grubby nails suddenly seemed less like a minor detail and more like a glaring defect. Another crucial part of the team are the 45 matchmaking recruiters who scout the country for more fantastic women to join the database.

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Is it the no-time-for-anything-but-my-career mentality? She lives to meet people, mostly because she just likes them, but also because she's constantly searching -- for new male clients and women to set them up with.

But not just anyone.

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I liked her instantly -- it's hard not to, frankly. Yeah, I told myself, I don't even like this woman. He needed a lot of help. Along the way, she's learned a lot about what men are looking for, and how to deliver it.

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Understandable, given that she works with public figures, [minor] celebrities and high-profile individuals. Janis and Carly offer even more tips through their podcast, books, and blog posts. The tenacious and passionate Spindel women offer high-end services for thousands of busy, professional singles who are serious about finding a long-term relationship.

No ifs, ands or buts about it.

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Or something like it. I had a client in Boston that I saw a minimum of three times a week. My clients want thin women. Is that your natural color? According to Janis, the men out there have their lists set in stone.

My Adventures in Speed Dating

She meets people everywhere she goes; her work never stops. I had heard of Janis Spindel, Manhattan matchmaker extraordinaire. New York City is the land of successful, attractive and intelligent men and women.

Did they send a car to pick me up, did they drop me off—you know, little things like that. Women can also access concierge services, including suggestions for professional makeup artists and popular spas.

They don't need help finding women, Spindel says, they need help finding wives. When she meets someone for the first time, she knows whether or not she can take them on.

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Urbanette talked with Janis Spindel about what she does, how she does it and why. At this matchmaking company, men are the clients and women are the members. I put my tape recorder on her pine coffee table and ask her how she got started in this business of matchmaking.

During this meeting she tells them if they need to lose weight or get surgery, and if she is interested in putting the woman in her database for potential set-ups with her wealthy male clients.

And she finds them a very specific sort of woman: