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The seventh-most popular singer is Jurnee. In other words, if you rank the singers as first, Maddie, second, Michael, third, Gabby, fourth, Caleb, and fifth, Cade, then you have revealed that you prefer Michael over Gabby, Michael over Caleb, Michael over Cade, Gabby over Caleb, Gabby over Cade, Caleb over Cade, and for brevity Maddie over each of the other singers.

However, these people include lots of people who prefer Maddie or Caleb or Cade as their first choice. Some people question whether Caleb deserves to be in the top 7.

In addition to viewers loving Jax's voice and pretty looks, they always pay attention to the little jeweled "X" on the left side of her face just under the corner of her eye.

As another clarification, in the finale, Caleb started the show with a significant mistake starting too early, stopping, then starting againand that probably reduced his vote count compared to what would have happened if he had not made that mistake.

As a result of the scriptwriter's mistake, countless fans including me on the west coast discovered that voting and eliminations had already been done when we watched it from 8pm to 10pm, it's usual time on both coasts. I want to make my parents proud. All judges gave her deckungsbeitrag berechnen online dating yes to go to Hollywood.

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That would defeat the point of the show, which is to create a music star. From top 7 to top 5, commentary including power-voting insights Catie's double mistake — of forgetting song lyrics and letting that mistake affect the rest of her performance and on-stage time — easily justified her elimination.

It's all worth it.

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The sixth-most popular singer is Cade Foehner. Yet even I, who clearly understand the mathematics behind vote splitting, will find it difficult to give too many votes to my second choice in this American Idol contest, where an unfair outcome won't hurt me.

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The other "power voting" method is to recruit other people to vote for your favorite. The judges, loving her unique voice, said that nobody sounded like her, and that she was the real thing.

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But, it comes down to being a good person and respecting the artists around you. She always had a voice. Top 5 final results Based on 80 ballots, here are the popularity rankings for singers: Luke Bryan For comparison purposes, here are the traditional single-mark vote counts converted into percentages: In this situation if we only consider each voter's first choice which is officially what we didthen it's not too difficult for one candidate to get more of these first-choice-only votes compared to each of the other candidates.

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Caleb Lee Hutchinson Most popular: The next night, she felt better and they could perform. I apologize for the delay. Hopefully you now understand that if each person voting only marks a single choice, the numbers do not really reveal actual popularity.

This loss of voting data easily could have affected the results, such as giving fewer votes to country-western singer Caleb. But, it enabled me to be part of her career.

Final results, top 3

Many of my brothers are not Her last performance of the night was the Judge's pick for her, which was "Misery Business" by Paramore. If you were a fan of hers, you can look forward to seeing more of her because she will get lots of jobs in the entertainment industry.

In other words, your voting influence is really the difference between a high score for a favorite and a low score for someone you dislike. Jax and Alexis were the only two to move on from their group.

No matter where she was or the age group, Jax would start singing. This is why winners and losers in primitive-method voting contests are not necessarily the most popular or least popular. As a very little girl, she had a presence when she sang. Pulling winners from the wreckage Ryan Seacrest's announcement about a "difference of point one nine percent" if I recall the number correctly reveals that all the different voting methods were fully saturated!

And before you get upset about the possiblity of Cade not being in the top three, consider that he prefers rock music and Disney corporation which owns ABC caters to a clearly non-rock-music demographic. Woodard is in the poll, and Gabby Barrett is not in the poll.

Sail on, your time has come to shine. The fifth-most popular singer is Cade Foehner.

American Idol voting the VoteFair way

For anyone who might not know, it's easy for someone to have lots of different email accounts. Every day, three times a week, she needed to go into the city. Because at this point most fans of American Idol vote for just one singer, and they give zero, or near-zero, votes to their second-favorite singer.

These numbers assume that voters do not give any votes to their second choice. With this in mind, the biggest difference happens when you use the highest and lowest scores.

And, no, it's not a tattoo. Understanding what this means involves understanding "pairwise" comparisons. The most popular singer is Maddie Poppe. The official voting uses "score voting" and the well-known best strategy for this kind of voting is to give the highest score to the choices you "approve" and to give the lowest score to the choices you "disapprove.

'American Idol' Contestant Jax Wears the Blue & Black Dress!

And Caleb has been near the bottom of the VoteFair poll, so why was he not eliminated? By many viewers, this was her best performance by far. What's the best strategy for official voting? For reference, up until her blooper moment, Catie was third-most popular in the VoteFair American Idol poll.

This brings us to the concept of "power voting. Despite mixed reviews from the judges, she made it to the next week.

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Michael's elimination demonstrates pairwise popularity versus single-mark "popularity" Season 16 poll Final results, top 3 Congratulations Maddie! Over the years they've all made sacrifices for Jax and her dreams. Jurnee's elimination was no surprise. If your favorite singer is not in this poll it's because that singer did not rank high enough in earlier polls.

In the VoteFair American Idol poll, where 80 people fully ranked all the singers, Michael was second-most popular.