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I love waking up next to Jeff every morning — having my best friend jeff bethke dating by my side. The first time I saw Alyssa walk down the aisle, beautifully dressed in white, I finally got a glimpse into the joy Jesus has for His bride and what it will be like the day the doors of heaven open up and we walk down the aisle to Him.

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My favorite part is the mornings. He plays with raw, controlled emotion and mastery of his instrument. What is the biggest plus about married life in general? You could give him a cheap guitar and he will sound like Jeff Beck because of his skill of playing. Tell me about making a home together.

I guess the best part is that you live life with your best friend, knowing that they aren't going anywhere — you're going to be by each other's side through thick and thin, growing more like Jesus each day.

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We get to do everything together. He builds a sculpture, then breaks the mold. It seriously was amazing. His quality of playing is always forefront to the gimmicks. He has smooth riffs, blending into another with complete control of his effects, never using them repeatedly for lack of musicality.

Wow, there's so much! What is your favorite part of living together? Do you get annoyed by any of each other's habits? He once quoted that a lot of good music comes by accident and rarely repeats his riffs, unless they are patented JB riffs. Even though I use it too!

Then reading our bibles and praying. There were jeff bethke dating moments that were stressful while planning, but the Lord really used those times to make me grow, causing myself to rely more on Him, and to lean more into Jeff. Inspired to play after hearing Les Paul, B.

Jefferson Bethke and Alyssa Joy Talk Their Autumn Wedding, Newlywed Life

I couldn't have asked for a better day! Also having a space you can call your own, to have people over, to show hospitality, is definitely my favorite.

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Spiritually the biggest plus is you always have someone there to check you, convict you, pray for you, nudge you, challenge you, etc. How do you deal with them? Throughout the whole process, I was brought to tears because I understood more clearly how the Lord loves His bride, and how exciting it'll be when we are with Him forever.

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After a serious car accident in and a failed idea to start a power-trio with Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert, Beck formed a new version of the Jeff Beck Group. It's just fun seeing your lives merge together. He has evolved in uncharted territory.

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Born in the London Borough of Sutton, UK, Beck began his musical excursions singing in his local church choir before learning to play a borrowed guitar and making his instruments.

He is one of England's National Treasures and I am a very happy man to be a witness to the journey he has taken. How was the wedding experience overall?

For me it's constantly being around your best friend.

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The fans that had the pleasure to see him at Ronny Scotts are probably still shaking their heads on how he played the strat with slide and whammy harmonics, simultaneously.

The biggest thing for me though was noticing how amazing everything was, and Jesus still says it's a shadow of what's to come. And Jeff certainly sees my mess — my tears, my cranky times. You are living life on life and you rub up against each other and quickly see just how sinful you really are, but also learn how to forgive, love, and pursue like never before.

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Being one of the pioneers of rock, playing with the Yardbirds in the 60's, went from their wailing blues to psychedelic blues as the three Beck Clapton Page guitarists divulged into Cream and Led Zeppelin. Jeff evolved into a modern guitar God enigma.

Other habits that kind of bother me but aren't a big deal I just give over to the Lord — thanking Him that I have a husband. And I love when he comes running down the stairs I usually wake up firstand goes straight towards me to kiss me good morning.

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But he keeps pursuing me — prays for me, forgives me, and talks things out. He always comes up with something new,keeping you on edge until he pulls it out unexpectedly, like he did with "People Get Ready".

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I saw a lot of areas of my life where I needed to trust the Lord, and not try and control or worry. The Bethkes reside in Tacoma, Wash.

Jeff was the most handsome, and sweet groom, and I am so thankful that I get to be his wife. It's beautiful, even in the mess sometimes. Sometimes when things annoy me I tell Jeff and we talk about — how can we serve one another in this?

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For instance, cleaning someone else's toilet isn't my favorite thing! I think in general though that is one of the beauties of marriage. The wedding was magical! We no longer have to say goodbye, or tell each other to "text me when you get home", etc.