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Jeff Whitley

I specialize in making one-of-a-kind pieces with sensitivity to the place they will live. I like working with my hands. SinceMark Whitley Studio has been creating pieces that enhance the spaces they live in. Sometimes I reclaim wood from ancient logs, sometimes I find great lumber stored away in barns, and sometimes the wood is found at my local sawmill.

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Have a look around- Turbulence Bent Lamination Sculpture 30x30x64 Commissioning furniture or sculpture for your space is easy. I have great reverence for fine lumber and find most of the wood I need right here in Kentucky.

Original design…One piece at a time. The Number 6 Chair is a nod to those who came before me, and my favorite chair to build.

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Number 6 Chair, maple and walnut with dyed leather A few years ago, one of my best clients asked me to create a pair of cabinets that flirtease tanzania capital flank an original work on paper by Theodore Geisel, aka, Dr.

I like adding objects of beauty to the world, and I love a good project.

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My work can be found from coast to coast, in homes, churches, museums, and public spaces. By selecting straight grained woods, then slicing and gluing it back together, I can achieve smooth bends that are far stronger than sawn curves.

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For me, it is not about matching the existing furnishings, rather, creating pieces that enhance the space they occupy. Concept sketch- Uptown Manhattan Apartment Cabinet Project complete and ready for delivery Wood is inherently flexible. It all starts with a need or a function, then, after visiting the space or working from photos, I design something just for you.

In our fast paced world, handmade furniture is a luxury.

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It is available in a variety of woods, leathers, and finishes, and is oh so comfortable. After visiting a cooperage, I began to work on coopered seats for chairs and benches.

The Club Rocker is the latest example; with a low slung leather seat and solid sides, this chair continues to explore what a rocking chair can be. I create handmade contemporary furniture and sculpture here on my little farm in Kentucky.

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Inspired by my time in the the woods, I began incorporating bent laminations into my work. Generally, I will sketch a few ideas for consideration and approval, but the real magic happens at the workbench as the pieces come to life and the fine details come into focus. Every few years, I will launch into another design.

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I enjoy the solitude of the studio, and have spent most of my life building things. These cabinets almost appear to be in a conversation…I wonder what they talk about? Just go outside and watch how trees bend and sway and still remain strong.

It is exactly what I wanted, only much more lovely than I could envision.

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Contact me for more information, or to schedule a consultation. The Thinking Bench is the latest barrel inspired design.

The burl walnut is so striking, and I love the pattern of the divided glass.