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Jennifer aniston dating timeline chart, dating history

As we all know Brangelina ended things in Septemberafter two years of officially tying the knot. After a month whirlwind romance, they were engaged in and married in August Michela Lombardi - Published: Justin Paul Theroux is an American actor, director, and screenwriter.

Jennifer Aniston Dating Timeline

Theroux actually took quite a risk with his proposal, popping the question on his birthday. Fans ended up taking sides between Aniston and Jolie and media speculation ran rampant long after the divorce was finalized, even still occasionally being brought up today.

But soon, the duo sent hearts across the nation shattering when news of their separation hit the news.

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Who has Jennifer Aniston dated? Whatever, Jen, you're better off without him! Since she won many hearts espinthebottle flirty her portrayal of Rachel Green in the NBC hit sitcom Friends, she has remained a darling to many.

Jennifer Aniston Dating History | List of Jennifer Aniston Relationships

Sadly, they went separate ways in February Well if that ever happens it would produce a shock greater than that of their respective divorces combined. They had tried to give the media the impression that things were fine, including Vaughn suing tabloids that were trying to say he was having an affair, but as they began to spend more time apart, it became clear that this was just another blip on the Jennifer Aniston dating timeline.

On February 15,the couple announced their separation.

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And then the big wedding in July which made several lists of the most expensive celebrity weddings. In the period in-between the announcement and divorce, it was suggested that the split was caused by Pitt having an affair with Angelina Jolie, whom Pitt, of course, hooked up with shortly after his split from Aniston.

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They went out for most of the year before breaking up, with one notable tidbit later being made public: In lateAniston rebounded by landing another famous boyfriend, actor Vince Vaughn.

I love Jennifer Aniston and I really hope she finds love, again. Suppose there's always a chance that Jen will end up on the list of celebrity sex tapes, but I sure hope not! Their relationship and subsequent marriage was highly publicized in the media and was deemed an incredible success.

They made it quite far, supposedly even getting engaged at one point the first of several engagements for Aniston. Aniston and Donovan called it quits early in the year.

Jennifer Aniston’s dating timeline

Honestly, it's a small miracle that a womanizer like John Mayer has not yet appeared in a celebrity sex tape. The show only ran for one season, which is about how short this relationship was.

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Rumors surfaced that while Jen was married to Justin, she kept love notes from her days with Brad. This further sparked rumors that Jennifer and Brad could come back together. Donovan had broken off his engagement with Sandra Bullockso the world thought Aniston would go right into his life and fix everything that was broken.

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She started things off with the actor and screenwriter almost immediately after their second encounter. Team Aniston and Team Jolie surfaced… remember those tees?

Aniston briefly dated actor and model Paul Sculfor. Nothing of note came of it and they parted ways soon after.

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The loves, exes and relationships of Jennifer Aniston, listed by most recent. Post-wedding, their flame continued to burn and Brad even made a guest appearance on Friends — what more could you require from a power couple?

Two months after that surprise appearance, Jenny was seen rocking a solid rock at a Sting concert. Smith portraying one half of the titular character and Pitt the other.

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Especially if he dates women like Angelina and I still prefer Jennifer Aniston movies over Angelina's. Aniston and Pitt were actually matched up by their agents.

The newest and current man on the Jennifer Aniston dating list is actor and director Justin Theroux, who began dating the actress in May of That was in