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What country and place would you most like to visit and why? Seeing new cultures and widening my mind.

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It still took them a long time and it was really frustrating, and every single team struggled with that. Outgoing, adventurous and loyal. Their biggest weakness throughout was just that they came across insecure, and while they could succeed in tasks, it took them a while to get their motors really going.

Also, playing the bagpipes in Scotland was a really touching moment. We also have artists signed to our label and I travel around with them all over the country to get their song on radio stations.

Because when we were racing, we thought Mona and Beth were really tough too, and they were tough. Biggest mistake you made in your previous season: Because there's just so many variables that come into play.

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And that was really the killer because we saw how much they struggled at the other Detour, and ours we went through pretty fast, the graffiti.

They weren't happy when they learned they'd be racing against those girls instead of you two in the finale. We were talking to them and people probably thought we weren't taking it super seriously, but we were!

I think we could've like breezed through the graffiti and I think if we wouldn't have gotten lost and we chose the graffiti while Mona and Beth were doing the Titanic, I think it could've been a different ball game.

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If they had the right answer MCMXXIV or 1,they would give them their next clue, otherwise, they had to go back down to the chestnut vendor dating site canada single get a new postcard and try again. Family, friends, faith, laughter, adventure, music and animals.

Never stopping to ask for good directions and get maps. People would be surprised to learn: You know, they were really strong, but they also made a ton of mistakes. I really love to experience different cultures. Egypt, because of the pyramids; Africa, because of the animals and landscape; India, for the ashrams; and Turkey, because I have heard incredible things.

And getting lost was another probably hour to an hour-and-a-half. Was it really that good?

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A lot of people have said that, like, "Oh you guys were just riding on Bates and Anthony. That's what makes the Race so neat, is that anybody could win.

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Jen is so beautiful and sweet, guys die over her. So it really doesn't always matter how strong you are.

Jennifer Kuhle

It's funny watching it back on television. They have a history of getting discouraged easily, and while they may be more athletic now, they still are probably in the bottom half of the teams this time in terms of ability to complete tasks quickly.

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Most memorable moment from your first Race: How far behind Mona and Beth do you think you finally arrived at the Pit Stop where you got eliminated? Pet peeve about your teammate: It's funny you say that, Jen, because when I spoke with Bates and Anthony earlier, they said that you girls actually helped them out in the Race more than they helped you.

Pet peeve about your teammate: Biggest challenge you and your teammate will face on The Race together: Bora Bora, Africa and Scotland. How close did you actually come to quitting? It wasn't that we thought they were going to help us win, we just really liked them.

Exclusive: Caroline Cutbirth and Jennifer Kuhle dish on 'The Amazing Race' (Part 1)

It was just that we were nice too. And we formed such great friendships with them, and it just made it so much more enjoyable. I think there is so much culture to take in; I would love to experience and learn and grow. But there's like mud and stuff going in the snorkel, so you're like breathing in mud and stuff.

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What excites you most about traveling? It was painful watching it knowing that they struggled and we were closer than we thought. And so ontop of all the other things, you couldn't breathe.

We want to see the world and do crazy things. Claim to fame — When it comes to the show, the biggest thing was that they sang a lot, cried even more than they sang, and were the alliance partners of most of the final three.

So we asked a couple people to use their phones but they didn't have Internet on their phones, and so, we walked in that little store and the guy was just being so confident that he knew what that was Leg 8 Italy [ edit ] Teams visited the historic town of Civita di Bagnoregio for the Detour on this leg of the race.

The Detour was a choice between Gladiator and Charioteer; for both Detours, teams dressed up in ancient Roman costume. Biggest challenge you and your teammate will face on The Race together: We have lived in such close spaces for the past five years, we know how to be dead honest with each other.

You guys raced side by side with Bates and Anthony for many of the season's legs. We wanted to experience more of the world and push ourselves to try anything and everything.

I am also in a band. My dream is to travel and who better to do it with than my best friend! But I like got out and got up on this block and then to get back in, I was frozen.

Jennifer, could you talk a little bit about why you struggled so much with that swimming in the marsh task? You know, honestly, we don't know.

So, and then we knew at the end, we were going to have to race for ourselves. With that being said, though, we would be shocked to see them get anywhere higher than seventh or sixth place. But most of the teams this season agreed Bates and Anthony were one of -- if not "the" -- biggest threat but your alliance never U-Turned them or tried to get them out.

To read some of what Bates and Anthony had to say, click here. And we were super friendly too.