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Like anything related to them makes sense or not people make a fuss about it. Someone said Donghae and Jihyun post on ig are a bit too similar. The musical had previously earned nine nominations at the Korea Musical Jihyun donghae dating divas.

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If they still contact each other, Jihyun should tell Donghae to follow her back but why? They screamed so loud when Donghae was talking and embarrassed him. The movie project will be made up of five episodes. Na feels jealous of her skin.

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This photo when she was attending Super Show 6 in Seoul on 20th September. Like anything related to them makes sense or not people make a fuss about it. Someone said Donghae and Jihyun post on ig are a bit too similar.

Since then I started shipping them seriously? Because of them I found this things: Some of times I even think Donghae and Jihyun have something between them, like secret relationship? And here, she came when The Youth casts had movie premiere.

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When I was young there were this characteristic; long hair, big eyes, pretty, kind, height must be around Yes, Jihyun the leader of 4minute.

Were Jessica Simpson and Joe Jonas dating? Concede you so much for the pristine juhyun and hope, that will be repayed by us…!!. Immediately, I searched info as much as I could get.

Or because they know people ship them? Since this is about my baby Hae so I need to know. And they posted it at the same time?

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Mighty Mouth Profile Donghae dating jihyun. Thoughthey WERE dating before, yes! People particular and make a consequence about that S struggle. The only thing I know is I should stop thinking and let it be.

I just found out a few things facts about DaraHae that invalid. The two seem close and donghae dating jihyun towards each other. Also, while making this album, to my members who went through a lot, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyunah and Sohyun, I love you all.

Hii thanks for commenting!! But something unexpected happened, on th Super Show concert 21th SeptemberSandara came to watch.


There was even a stupid rumor he gave her herpesbut just ignore it. Such a sweet Donghae aww…. Jessica Simpson is engaged to Eric Johnson. Jihyun in Incheon Airport on 30 November You know, the design is kinda different.

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According to Jaebarip ig post, they spent Christmas together. Then, Donghae confirmed to be actor in The Youth movie with another artists, and there was Jihyun too. Donghae had premiere film of The Youth and also Jihyun. During radio star aireddonghae said that his ideal type is someone with jihyun donghae dating eyes n pretty forehead.

Antonio, but i hope dating donghae jihyun if you want to put in your profile and which men are just looking. I only remember the initial! Someone nice gave me this photos.

These photos kinda old photo so, we know that Donghae and Jihyun have known this jaebarip woman since long ago and because of her they have a chance to meet each other and getting close.

I still find it confusing.

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She cooked for her brother and post in on Twitter. Nan Jihyun of the former 4Minute, in my opinion is the most beautiful. Yoona and Donghae Dating! We all know Donghae is going to army soon. I make this post just to share what I really have in my mind.

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If they still container each other, Jihyun should surround Donghae to acquire her back but why?. Then… something that wake my shipper-self? Donghae dating jihyun - I ever saw Hyukjae wore the same bracelet. To be honest, I thought the same way at first but then again, you see the wall?

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Urban Zakapa Profile Lyrics. They screamed so loud when Donghae was talking and embarrassed him. Firstly I thought it was juts me but people said the same. The movie will paint the world we live in, full of pride and prejudice, through the eyes of youth who were once labelled and stigmatized.

After all, fanacc said Donghae went back with member after concert.