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It appeared the younger politicians have learnt absolutely no lesson from the dignity the likes of Alex Ekwueme applied to politics.

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We thank God, it is lying desolate there overgrown by weeds. Ekwueme had always carried himself with the dignity expected of a well educated somebody. What has this generation of politicians done?

Alex put down his own money and time for politics, I have not seen anywhere his hands were found in the cookie jar.

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The sad part of it is that majority of us continue to follow this people into our own oblivion. He was a fine gentleman that was not put to good use by this country. He stuck on to PDP even during the crisis. Instead, the current politicians are acquiring government property in sight and when things go awry, they use the book against you.

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Before Ekwueme, the like of the late Mrs Von who knew the value of land she had on Awolowo road, she donated it willingly so that we could have School of Nursing there. In spite of that, he still carried on with dignity, he did not show any undue bitterness. Shagari was put in one nice and comfortable guest house and Alex Ekwueme was put in prison and no charge was brought against him.

For example, when I remember his own generation and those slightly before him, the contributions they made to the political landscape, in terms of men, money and material; now instead of putting men of caliber in positions, this generation of politicians will only put their cousins and in-laws there.

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Ekwueme and Shagari were captured by the Army. Ironically, it was the same Buhari that carried out the coup that is now the President. I wonder when Alex Ekwueme was crossing the bridge between life and death, looking back, what his inner feelings were about what he was living behind.

He was highly instrumental to the formation of the PDP. You hardly find among the political class today the pedigree of Alex Ekwueme. He did not jump boat, he never contemplated of going to APGA or any other party. Rather than put themselves forward for sacrifice, they go clear everything in sight and impoverish the whole nation.

He had a thriving Architectural Practice before he decided to go into politics.

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If we had not made noise on the property, probably, what you will find there now is a 5-star hotel. Rather than complaining, I think it is time that this generation got up with the values that they have learned from the likes of Ekwueme and salvage this nation. That incidence alone was significant.

Ekwueme in the eyes of Jimi Disu On 7: He kept his nose clean, he had his faults though but he represented something I can identify with.