Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee are the Latest High Profile K-star Couple - A Koala's Playground Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee are the Latest High Profile K-star Couple - A Koala's Playground

Jo in sung and kim min hee dating website, tuesday, april 23, 2013

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In fact, Koreans consider thirty and beyond the perfect age to be heading towards marriage. Back then he was the A-list actor and she was a newbie model-actress, but I actually enjoy watching Kim Min Hee onscreen quite a lot.

Kim Min Hee & her ex-boyfriends

The release was underwhelming, but it did get Dispatch the attention they wanted. This couple went public without any denials though a variety of factors played into it.

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If it had been a revelation like ex-superstar couple Song Hye-kyo and Hyun Bin, then it would have gotten a very vocal response. I also think they are older and more established actors so its probably expected by even their craziest fans that they should be pursuing long term relationship possibilities.

For them to make such a bold statement indicated that it would be a major industry couple that would cause a stir.

Kim Min Hee x Jo In Sung breakup saga

This week, the saga continues with a new celebrity couple revelation—Kim Min-hee and Jo In-sung. This seriously came as far out of left field as when news first leaked that Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung were secretly dating or when earlier this year Kim Tae Hee and Rain were caught out on a date and had to come clean.

The comments on the articles made it even clearer that for news outlets to elicit the reaction they want from readers, the scandals are going to have to keep getting bigger— which raises the question: Poor Rain even got in trouble for leaving the base to go woo his girl, heh.

Dispatch Hypes and Underwhelms: They should have just revealed the information, instead of trying to generate hype before the announcement.


Turns out Kim Min Hee and Jo In Sung did a clothing photoshoot over a decade ago when they both started out, so I posted a picture of young and fresh-faced them below for comparison.

The relationship is in its early stages as they started dating at the start of this year and are taking it slow since both are so busy with work. Just how far will they go to give readers what they want? The revelation of a top star couple is expected at some point, but outing gay celebrities could devastate both careers and personal lives.

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We did and it came as a minor surprise to many, but not really a shock for most. If anyone claims to have shipped those two in real life, I challenge you to take a leap of faith to verify that you are not telling a fib.

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Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee are the Latest High Profile K-star Couple Posted on by ockoala There have been some big big name Korean entertainment dating reveals this past twelve months, and today we add another newly minted power couple to the mix.

Many internet users mentioned that only a top scandal like outing a gay couple or revealing a superstar A-list couple can grab their attention. Korean tabloid Dispatch snapped pictures of them out on a date so they clearly wanted to own up to the relationship without being outed.

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Jo In-Sung is a very popular actor, especially after finishing his successful run in That Winter, the Wind Blowsbut the news of him and Kim Min-hee seems to have come and gone like the wind.