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Go shopping in the picturesque streets and discover all kinds of market stalls, little boutiques and other charming shops all under the shadow of the towering viaduct. Canal du Marais de la Roche,Loire-Atlantique, dist. Essex Castle, dist. Built in BC, it is covered in a wealth of engraved symbols.

Morlaix, Brittany

Canal de Haute-Perche, dist. Ince Castle,Cornwall, dist. Lamorran House Gardens, St. Millbay Park,Plymouth, dist. Les Galliennes Chapel, dist. Oatlands, dist.

Plouneour Menez, Morlaix- Brittany

Morlaix itself has some great panoramic views from the tops of its hills and they are well worth the walk up to see them. Valley Gardens, dist. Kemijack,Cornwall, dist. Dartmouth Hawleys Castle, dist.

Morlaix, Finistère, Brittany, France

Drake Monument,Plymouth, dist. Trematon Castle,Cornwall, dist. Canal de la Boullaie,Loire-Atlantique, dist. Restormel Castle,Cornwall, dist.

B&B Hôtel Morlaix

The Lost Gardens of Heligan, St. Canal de Buzay,Loire-Atlantique, dist. Val du Saou, dist. Clarence Battery, dist. Ringarounds,Cornwall, dist. Cambridge Park, dist.

Cardinham Castle,Cornwall, dist. Saint-Michel, Arrondissement de Lorient, Morbihan, dist.

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A homely dish of several different meats such as ham hock, bacon, sausage and, occasionally, beef served with a buckwheat mixture, leeks, cabbage, carrot and a buttery sauce known as lipig, kig ha farz is the kind of rustic cuisine for which Brittany is renowned.

Canal de Trignac,Loire-Atlantique, dist. Lesingey Round,Cornwall, dist. St Mawes Castle,Cornwall, dist. Plympton Castle,Plymouth, dist.

Castle Dyke, Teignbridge District, Devon, dist.

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Those who love being more out of doors will enjoy spending time at the Bay of Morlaix where there are all kinds of things to see and do. Foulon Cemetery, dist. St Catherines Castle,Cornwall, dist. In the old quarter of the town today you can walk the cobbled medieval streets with their overhanging timber-beamed houses looming over your path, their carved facades covered in a huge variety of different religious and secular sculptures.

Les Mouriers, dist.

Why visit Morlaix?

Castle Cornet, dist. Sensory Garden,Plymouth, dist. Royal Air Force Memorial,Plymouth, dist. Canal de Languitre,Loire-Atlantique, dist. Canal du Blavet,Morbihan, dist. Canal de Vire et Taute,Manche, dist. Plymouth Castle Quadrate,Plymouth, dist.

Canal Maritime,Loire-Atlantique, dist. The Forgotten Forest Arboretum, dist.

About Morlaix

During its wealthy heyday of the Middle Ages, Morlaix was the biggest port in Brittany and the town specialised in the production and trade of linen. Delancey Park, dist. Kastell Koad Freg, dist.