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After returning to Amsterdam, aroundJohannes married. But the primary source of inspiration for scenes of this kind depicting Italian village life was undoubtedly Pieter van Laer afterwho had travelled to Italy around together with his elder brother and fellow painter Roelant c.

Ulft, Jacob van der Johannes lingelbach online dating This field specifies the various subject categories or genres that constitute the oeuvre of the artist in question.

Frankfurt am Main 1622 - Amsterdam 1674

The contents of this field are generally based more on the documentation available at the RKD than on the literature. She is having difficulty keeping the glass of wine steady in her hands.

The earlier publications of G. Selected works Battle of Milvian Bridge, c. Lingelbach was best johannes lingelbach online dating for large scenes of crowded, busy piazzas and Italian ports populated by Turks, merchants, gamblers, and peddlers. He is one of the few Dutch painters of the Bamboccianti, whose works are documented in depth, making his influence greater in the progression of the style.

Numerous painters from the Northern Netherlands crossed the Alps in search of the remains of antique civilisation. The painting shows that besides possessing orsino flirts with hawkeyenation skill in depicting figures, Lingelbach was also an outstanding landscape painter.


Her husband is filling glasses again; it is clear that the company has been drinking heavily for some time. He also may have visited France, and he was certainly in Rome from to He was often invited to paint the figures and animals within other artists landscape pieces, such as the Dutch master landscape painter, Meindert Hobbema and Jan van der Heyden.

Meindert Hobbema regularly hired Lingelbach to populate his landscapes. The design and execution of the painting described here are so much more convincing, however, that it can be dated to a later period, roughly Sometimes this may happen a century later; there is no time limit. Flemish Town Sieged by the Spanish Soldiers, c.

Johannes Lingelbach

Although students can naturally also be followers, they are not mentioned again here. His skill in painting genre figures is no less accomplished in his depictions of architectural and natural objects. After spending at least three years in Italy, Amsterdam-based Johannes Lingelbach developed an Italianate genre of painting that was imitated by Dutch artists who never set foot on the peninsula.

His work began to show an influence from Philips Wouwermans' landscapes. In his other hand the man holds a hat, while the woman has one hand at her waist.

We are given a fine view into the distance, and at the end of the horizon, above the country road, we see the small silhouettes of two more figures. Read more about our privacy policy. The dance involves rapid turns: Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter.

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In this painting, with its peasants, labourers and travellers, we see the influence of the country folk depicted by Van Laer, especially around the inn. Lingelbach was born in Germany, but his family moved to Amsterdam by the time he was twelve years old and he probably received his artistic training there.

In addition, there may be question of a transition to a personal style which may demonstrate development. Laer, Pieter van Influence on This field specifies the artists influenced by the artist in question, without there being question of an educational setting or servile following.

But there was also a large group of Dutch artists who painted sun-drenched hills, inspired by Italian vistas. In the Northern Netherlands, these Italianate paintings would be highly successful. Van Laer had settled in Rome, where he joined the Bentveughels, a society largely made up of Dutch and Flemish painters.

In May he left Rome to return to the Low Countries, and in his marriage took place in Amsterdam. The settings evoke a feeling of space and distance, as if they were being remembered. Connections with other artists Teacher of This field mentions the names of pupils. These works show the Italian influence of Caravaggio in their realism and refined chiaroscuro effect, also seen in works such as Lingelbach's, A mounteback and other figures before a locanda with a capriccio view of the Piazza del Popolo, Rome, Royal Collection.

After the Second World War — when the work of the Dutch Caravaggists too would be rediscovered — Italianate landscapes from the seventeenth century enjoyed a revival of interest.

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What is at issue are the pupils who were significantly influenced by a teacher as opposed to every student someone ever had. Behind the dancing couple we glimpse some figures on a country road. What is meant by followers are those who continue to work in the spirit of a predecessor.

Exhibitions played a major role in this reversal. After returning to Amsterdam byLingelbach never left.

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Jacob van Ruisdael crossed the German border to visit Bentheim, Allart van Everdingen went further afield to Sweden and Norway, and Frans Post actually sailed to Brazil to record the landscape there.

Around Lingelbach lived in Reestraat, a small street near Prinsengracht; he became a close friend of Jurriaen Ovens. Contact Should you be interested in museum, the loan program, or simply to make an inquiry about The Kremer Collection, please email us via info [at] thekremercollection.

The late nineteenth century had seen a reversal in the public perception of their work, after the formation of national states had heightened interest in the unique characteristics of different countries.

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In the late 40s Johannes Lingelbach travelled to France? The hilly landscape is elaborated magnificently with a splendid suggestion of depth: Biography Lingelbach was born in Frankfurt, the son of David Lingelbach, a German technician, who in settled in Amsterdam with his wife and children.

Johannes or Johann Lingelbach — was a Dutch Golden Age painter, associated with the second generation of Bambocciate, a group of genre painters working in Rome from - Do not show again. Lingelbach followed the style of the original Bamboccianti, Pieter van Laer, called Il Bamboccio, bringing his own Italianate style into influence of Northern European painters.

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They were also curious to see the work of Italian artists, not just those of the Renaissance but also their own contemporaries. Lingelbach died in Amsterdam. In he went to France and Italy, where his stay in Rome in the years is documented.

As time went on, the new climate produced changes in the acquisitions policies of museums as well as private collectors. Hoogewerff on Dutch artists in Rome also greatly boosted this revaluation. He furnished it with machines, that could move or play music and depicting biblical or mythological scenes.

An artist can be influenced by several artists at once, or in succession. The dancing couple, watched by the figures under the shelter, among them a small boy and an old woman, are holding hands.

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Inby which time the painting had passed by inheritance to Sir Francis Baring1st Baron Northbrook, the son of Sir Thomas Baring, it was praised by the famous art historian Gustav Waagenwho described it in justifiably glowing terms: Nationality Dutch When Northerners bought paintings of Rome, they wanted an "interpretation," not a historically accurate reconstruction of the city.

Van Laer rapidly evolved into one of the most original and most influential Dutch artists in Italy: These scenes derive a special liveliness from the use of strong light contrasts.

In the father hired and later established a labyrinth in the Jordaan. Travelling was already very common in the seventeenth century. To the right of the tree we see a man and a woman dancing together, to the music being made by the bagpipe-player under the shelter and the man behind him, who is playing the flute and the drum at the same time.