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Who likes Johnny Depp?

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He has dark skin and dark hair, and is the shortest, youngest looking in the gang. Some do, some don't. The Dead Undead Although I'm sure other girls have different opinions on this, I like him because he's hot and funny. Does Wu Zun like Ella Chen?

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What is Johnny Depp's personality like? He is one of my favorite actors. Jackson - The Drift TV episode Johnny is the very shy and scared one.

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Damon Young 14 episodes, - Are We Family? The Hotel Tango TV This is what I know of Gemini Men: His wardrobe consists of a denim jacket, bluejeans with holes in them, a brown t-shirt, and black converse.

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Why do girls like Johnny Depp? Press, America, sport, rain, sly people, clowns.

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Noah 1 episode, - What George Doesn't Noah Eli Age 19 1 episode, - Pilot TV episode He has jet black hair that is greased down and long, of coursetan skin, and deep black eyes that look scared all the time.

Although he longs for their love, his parents don't show him how much they love him. Damon Young 9 more.

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What are Johnny Depp's Like and Dislikes? Johnny is skinny, not weak and sickly, but stong and wiry.


Does Wu chun likes ella chen? Me and loads of other people, I am Johnny Depp no. Little Black Book uncredited Part 2 TV episode Is Johnny Pacar gay? He has a scar along his right cheek because a bunch of socs the rich kids jumped him and one of them was wearing rings when he slugged Johnny across the face.

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Jeff 1 episode, - Front of the Class TV episode Nathan Atherton 1 episode, His astrology sign is a Gemini. Fort McCoy post-production Jimmy Francis 2 more. Although I don't know him personally, from interviews he seems very unassuming, soft-spoken and possesses a down-to-earth quality seldom found in stars of his magitude.