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She is also well known for her often quoted catch phrase, judy tenuta dating the pope could happen!

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She became the "Spokes-Goddess" for a series of "Diet Dr. Pepper " commercials, and also filmed her second HBO special. Career[ edit ] Tenuta gained notoriety as a wisecracking, accordion-wielding self-proclaimed "Petite Flower and Love Goddess" during the golden age of character comedy in the mid '80s, alongside Emo Philips and Bobcat Goldthwaitin addition to such notable contemporaries as Sam Kinison and Steven Wright.

Judy tenuta

Those two words could end up in the same sentence together? Retrieved July 17, To quote s standup comedian Judy Tenuta, 'It could happen!

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The Power of Judyism" was released in She conceived, produced, and starred in the film Desperation Boulevardwhich was directed and written by Greg Glienna of Meet the Parents fame.

This may be what accounts for such a clear-cut line between Judy Tenuta fans and non-fans. During her act, Judy Tenuta can be seen mesmerizing the audience with her accordion and singing wacky songs while attempting to convert all to a religion of her own persuasion: Bulls are alive and well".

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One of her earliest televised performances can be seen in the Women of the Night special hosted by Martin Shortin which she performed with comediennes Paula Poundstone and Ellen Degeneres. Judy Tenuta was still traveling the nightclubs through the late '90s and branched out to include a film credit as a dominatrix in the movie Butch Camp to her repertoire.

She sometimes acts as a correspondent for Entertainment Television and similar shows, and the last lucky interviewee of the century was the Reverend Jesse Jackson himself.

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Do Not Possess the Chocolate 1: Inher first album, Buy This, Pigs! That same year she made an appearance at the Comic Relief II fundraising special.

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In the late '80s and early '90s, Ms. She made several guest appearances on the show of her favorite comedian, Joan Rivers. Despite the resistance she's encountered from the general public, she does pop up every now and again.

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This Goddess doesn't have her own sitcom, but she definitely has a cult following -- disciples, if you will. Tenuta appeared as a drill sergeant, Sam Rottweiler, training gay men to defend themselves against bullies in the film Butch Camp.

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She made a guest appearance as Mrs. She toured across the country with another of her favorite comedians, comedy legend George Carlin. She has been seen in a soft drink commercial and as a patient on Comedy Central's Dr. Comic persona[ edit ] Tenuta's act is primarily structured around an exaggerated, offbeat persona that is referred to primarily as "The Love Goddess".

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Tenuta's stage persona is as colorful as the garb she wears on stage Goddess outfits while attacking audience members in a fun and feminist fashion. Her acerbic stage persona proved a little too much for network television and Joan Rivers dubbing her "the funniest woman in the world" didn't seem to help.

Her voice one of her more notable features, if you make it past the prom dresses is even comedic as she exaggerates her inflections ranging from sweet-sing-songy-sappy to sounding like a big brass band right outside your window at six a.

Judy Tenuta

Judy Tenuta's comic stylings border on performance art; she never appears out of character when being interviewed. Gay Pride Festival, which cemented Judy Tenuta's icon status in the gay community.

Frequent guest on morning radio show " Howard Stern "