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Over the years the requirements of a watch have changed significantly, but not the principles on which they work. Besides the line of radio controlled watches, produced under the name Junghans Mega, the company also has a leading role in the production of solar powered quartz wrist-watches.

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Another interesting point is that Movement 74 was no longer shown in their catalogues from It may help to confirm that date by when the trademark was used. A picture of the catalogue page from is attached.

Ninety Years later Junghans stuns the world with the very first radio controlled wrist watch!

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The switch over from the round wire to flat levers is approx. I am still puzzled why in my experience the majority of movements do 4h30 danger lyrics the flirts have date codes and why in some examples I have seen, the case, when original, doesn't match the date code.

I found a picture of your clock in the Junghans catalogue but was not able to find any matches in catalogues from to Junghans is currently developing a global radio controlled watch, with the Japanese company Seiko.

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Bryan, The movement on your clock is a version of Movement 74 picture attached that uses the flat lever instead of the round wire levers that were used in earlier movements.

All point to a 's design. We had a post a year or so ago on Junghan movements and dating them, and someone got confirmation from the Junghan factory that it was indeed a date code B Bryan Click to expand Junghans still produces mechanical watches, as well as a vide variety of clocks.

This Black Forest company quickly expanded, to become the worlds largest producer of clocks and watches aroundwith over workers at that time.

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This clock has a count wheel and a lever design. It also has a round gong and a round top on the case. And still today, is the world leader when it comes to radio controlled watches and clocks.

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As Harold says a member did get an email to say the codes with A or B and two digits are date codes and I suppose if Junghans say so then it must be true. If so I understand this mark dates from For example, in Junghans produced the first multi-frequency radio controlled wrist watch, which can synchronise itself with the radio signals from Japan, the US and Europe.

By the 's Junghans was using a rack and snail design with removable spring barrels. This watch will be able to tune in to any local time, anywhere in the world.

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Bryan, B32 dates your clock to the second half of Everything about this clock points to the 's. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't see how. Like I said, I don't get it While research is still on-going, there is a very strong possibility that your clock was made in

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