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Later that night, they go for a walk along the Han River. Sung Rok comes to Shin Young's house and they start decorating the house together. A new mission is given to Hwayobi, "Pick out a house that the husband will like" and she decides on a traditional Korean house. After much practice, Shin Young passes her driving test.

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Deleted scenes from the past episodes are shown for the first time. However, a source close to Jun Jin confirmed that the two went from an imaginary relationship to a real one three months ago.

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Sung Rok becomes a guest for Shinyoung's radio live show. Dam Bi's mission "Kiss Marco by midnight" ends with embarrassing results for both sides. They compete with each other and play games.

The couple are planning to hold jamaican singles dating sites press conference next week likely June 23 or 24 to confirm their relationship. Hyungdon and Taeyeon receive another mission, "Make a special day to commemorate marriage" and they decide to have a wedding photoshoot.

Solbi and Andy spend the day at the theme park while they were trying to solve their conflict. Crown J and In Young stage a fight to see the new couple's reactions.

What happened?

Her unique hobbies like collecting figures Gundam especially and playing pool are things that attract me to her. Marco and Dam Bi get another mission which is "Find each other's weaknesses". Got me all excited for nothing. They need to hold a press conference to announce a three-month relationship? Crown J helps promote In Young's album by giving them as gifts to fellow artists.

Junjin and Si Young go to Junjin's place to practice dancing.

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Tae Yeon prepares dinner for Hyung Don for the last time. Hwanhee and Hwayobi were given another mission, "Sing a song together in any concert" and they decide to perform together in FTTS 's concert. The two new couples have their th day anniversary wedding photoshoot.

They exchange testimonial for each other before farewell.

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Andy and Solbi go to Namsan Tower and write messages on locks for each other. Coincidentally, Crown J and In Young bumps into Hyunjoong and Hwangbo at the theme park, both couples appearing to have gone to the same place. Hyun Joong and Hwangbo go to a village and run errands for an elderly woman.

They visit the beauty salon and wedding dress shop to prepare.

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Andy and Solbi officially announce their leaving from the show. Crown J and In Young go rollerblading.

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Hwayobi surprises Hwanhee in the wilderness campsite with a romantic event and a serenade. Alex surprises Shin Ae at her fanmeeting. Alex brings a lunch box and makes a surprise visit to Shin Ae while she has her magazine photo shoot, but he himself is surprised at how different she is at work.

JunJin had mentioned earlier, "Contrary to her pretty face, she has a very open character and it is very charming. The other pair of couples have a barbecue together with Hyung Don. He won cinema tickets as the third place but the tickets cannot be used in Seoul. Still with the tension after the shopping, three of Marco's friends arrive unexpectedly at the Marbi household.

They end up holding the party in the midday as In Young has an event to attend at night. The other two couples are not featured in this episode.


Junjin and Si Young were given a mission, "Have a wedding gift exchange and leave for honeymoon". It is true that they have become friendlier after being being tense in the beginning.

After having a reunion, Alex and Shin Ae appear as awkward as their first meeting, going to Namsan Tower for love padlocks.

Meanwhile, Alex and Shin Ae reunite after being parted for 7 weeks.

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They seem to be sharing much more skinship during the show, especially during the recent episodes. The other couples get a different mission, "Experiencing the farms as a couple".

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He is a popular guest on many variety programs and replaced Haha on Infinity Challenge in June Link Do we finally have a real life We Got Married couple?

Hwayobi cooks dinner at home while Hwanhee watches her old videos.

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Jun Jin meets Si Young in church. The other three couples get a mission to "Return to daily life after the vacation".

Andy and Solbi couple go to the fish marketWhile Crown J and In Young visit the hospital to have a medical check up. Lee Si Young 27on the other hand, is a relatively late newcomer to the entertainment industry. They had started out on the show as the most "unstable" couple who fought often and then reconcile almost immediately.

Junjin and Si Young continue their honeymoon but they end up into quarrel. Junjin and Si Young go to the amusement park. Her first film, Ogamdowill hit theatres in July.

Lee Si Young on her breakup with JunJin

When the parents come to collect the children, Shin Ae gives the babies each a pair of shoes from her collection. In the end of episode, Alex and Shin Ae confirm their departure from the show.

Sung Rok and Shin Young meet at the basketball court.