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Justhookup yeshua. Is down right now? - not working


Their intent is to lure taxi 4 castellano online dating into paying for your membership and they are not real people.

The site is in no way free. We contacted a few profiles belonging to people living in a 50 mile radius from us. Most don't read them but it covers them legally. They will tell you they are God Fearing and Family oriented. It is long and a lot of legaleze but it will explain the Virtual Cupid use and other things about the site.

Initial thoughts were that the justhookup yeshua was fun to be on and can keep you involved. Their English is usually the first clue that they aren't from the US. Members can start with a free account which allows them to set up a basic profile justhookup yeshua look at the profiles of other members.

Don't forget, they start doing all this while you are still unpaid member, trying to influence you into purchasing a membership. If you attempt to discuss it, they will justhookup yeshua it. Other's may contact you first. First time is free then come the charges. Usually their first email includes more pictures.

None of these girls are "Verified". Really involved to be precise! They will start communicating with you via email outside this web site after first contact. For full account benefits, however, you will need to upgrade to a Premium membership, which requires a monthly subscription fee. Just not a good site to justhookup on.

If you browse the "Online" tab, most the girls in there are legit but they are all over the country and most are looking for guys to cam for. None of the legit girls in my area are ever online. They visit your profile a few seconds after you visit theirs.

Don't be tricked into a conversation with these profiles. - Its all a fake soon as you pay for it, Review | Complaints Board

If that's your thing, go for it. I have my doubts their profile picture is really them. This site is loaded with "virtual cupids" who are not real. They will even answer your messages.

And if you have complaints about your service and want to cancel your account outright, you must do it at least 48 hours before your renewal date to avoid being charged again. Also, if you intend to completely delete your account along with cancelation, make sure to contact customer service to make your wishes known.

A few other members however contacted us, but when we replied, we never heard from them again. There are some legit girls on this site but most don't respond to messages. We also replied to some of the members that had previously contacted us. Review

Of those that do, they eventually send you to other sites where you can watch them perform on cam. This review was conducted as an independent study with funds provided by the reviewer and was not in any way promoted or influenced by the web site owner or anyone affiliated with the business.

December 20, - The virtual cupids have been replaced with VC icons. Whenever we searched for members near us, all profiles that were returned as results, were Virtual Cupids.

If you find a legit girl online in your area or not, it is most likely she is looking to cam for you.

The Review

What struck us as an interesting coincidence is the fact that the members visiting our profile were the same members we had recently viewed.

They will typically have beautiful pictures and profiles will indicate they are looking. Every Virtual Cupid in my area is "online all the time.

Most of those profiles say the girl is from some small town in the US. We started digging through the site's Terms and Conditions and we discovered something called Virtual Cupids. If you have any experience with this service, please leave your JustHookUp.

We decided to experiment, so by using a proxy server, we logged in to the site, pretending to be residing in Los Angeles, California. Had four or five from Ghana. You can identify "virtual cupids" as there is an obscure "VC" next to their profile name.

This fee is determined based on the length of your membership. Signing up for a membership is free; all you need to do is provide your age range, your email address, and an account password.

It becomes suspicious when messages from two or three girls say the same thing. Don't forget, we couldn't read emails or see who visited us, until we become a paid member, so we paid for our monthly membership and to satisfy our curiosity. Haven't hooked up with anyone in 6 months and until I figured out the Virtual Cupid thing, all looked pretty good.

Visits to our profile started pouring in. Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions of this site. Personally, I would rather have actual physical contact with them than watch them on my computer monitor.

No messing around, just hookups -

Low and behold, all these profiles that were virtual Cupids in New York, had now mysteriously shifted their locations to within 50 miles from LA. Sex never enters into the conversation. The VC's are there to suck you into paying for features that will not benefit you in finding what you are looking for.

If you do not want to participate in the automatic renewal program, you can log into your account and change your renewal status.