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Kan jij dat of kun jij datehookup. Kun jij dat - translation into english - examples dutch | reverso context

Kung Jin Bojutsu — Several staff attacks were not combo damage scaling correctly. Didn't you see that?

Translation of "kun jij dat" in English

A useful anti-air tool that can be comboable on hit. Maybe I could come round and talk about contemporary themes in literature and you could wear that short dress.

Nou, eerst een hoop mensen die niet konden, maar toen mij! Schat, kun jij dat even doen? If I could point to page 42 of the university's student handbook: Well, a lot of people who weren't available, but then me!

Met Uthers bloedlijn en Ectors opleiding, kun jij dat zijn. In a formal context, the d is not dropped. Als ik een tijdmachine had gehad, had ik terug de tijd in kunnen reizen en was ik voorbereid geweest.

Maar als wij niet opgeven, kun jij dat ook niet.

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Er is nog niets gebeurd wat niet rechtgezet kan worden, Jason. Up Arrow db2 - same as straight arrow but goes up at a 45 degree angle. Waarom kun jij dat niet?

Ik bedoel, vertel me gewoon hoe ik je gelukkig kan maken! I finally do something I get credit for, and you can't take it.

Wil Jij In Mijn Armen Liggen Vanavond

But anything could have happened. You may know the most dominant set-up for Kung Jin or maybe you just know how to deal with a certain character, you will help build our Archery!

Shoots straight and has average speed. Ik ga naar school "I go to school" Ik rust "I rest", radical ends in t Ik hou van bloemen "I love flowers", form without -d Ik houd van bloemen "I love flowers", form with -d, formal.

Lucky for me, so can you. Hoe kon je zeven zijn geweest?

Kunnen conjugation in Dutch in all forms | globicate.com

Then we can populate Mars even faster than we'd hoped. En hoezeer hij ook een vader nodig heeft, kun jij dat niet zijn.

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With Uther's blood line and Ector's guidance, that can be you. If your mother trusted him, you can do the same.

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Additionally, Kung Jin has great lateral space control with long reaching f2 overhead, decent reaching b1 low, a full screen flying kick that can be armored, b2 that hits from mid-screen, and a decent universal projectile with arrow and up arrow.

Riding that tin-plated horse together! Nu krijg ik wat waardering en kun jij dat niet hebben.

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You can't leave now! Hoe kun jij dat nu weten?

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Hij gaat naar school. Waarom kun jij dat zo niet doen?

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MB for armor and more damage. How can you understand that now? Why can't you just do it like that? His strength lies in air control with one of the best njp, a 5 frame divekick, a strong AA d2 and u1 which covers great air space to stuff opponent jump ins.

Dat Kan Jij Wel - Wimmie

There's got to be something I can do. This pronoun is used informally in spoken language in North Brabant and Flanders only. I will also post all of the up-to-date buffs and nerfs in the OP as they happen. Maar nu kun jij dat doen. But if we don't give up, you can't either.


Hou jij van bloemen "Do you like flowers? Er is niets dat ik kan doen. MB for slightly quicker start-upmore damage and to be safe on block Would it have killed you to just snap her neck?

Maybe you can change all that after the election. Maar als de regering mij vertrouwt