Kpop Rumors and Gossips Exposed!: Dating Scandals that Made Netizens Go WTF??! Kpop Rumors and Gossips Exposed!: Dating Scandals that Made Netizens Go WTF??!

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When she couldn't handle it any longer, the girl committed suicide. Chinese market[ edit ] While focusing on the Chinese market, Kan managed to reach a significant level of success. X released one final album and disbanded. Hyori and Lee Seo Jin— This rumor tends to lend itself to be more real.

This is really sad,hating someone who has done nothing to who,who's just trying to live their lives, work hard and want to be happy just like everyone else. Kan celebrated her day anniversary in August and reported the program's ratings were higher than ever.

Korea blew up and many people were angry at him, calling him a traitor and a liar. In the spirit of sharing good things with others hehe we did well today too good night!

It was also confirmed that the cake contained poison in the form of powder. They continued to harass him and his family members for two whole years,tarnishing his reputation and causing him much mental stress even after Standford representatives affirmed his alumnus status and jail sentences were issued for harassment.

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Hyori and Rain— A perfect example of a rumor that has become an urban legend. So this blog is going to be about the instances that anti-fans have caused both physical and mental harm to kpop idols. How didHyun Young, the nasal-voiced former model turned variety host start datingKoyotemember and noted goofballKim Jong Min?

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Yoo Seung Jun was born in Korea but had lived for an extended period in one night stand via tinder dating United States but previously Yoo had stated his intention to fulfill the mandatory Korean military service. There are definitely hundreds more cases as I mentioned before Idols receive death threats daily sometimes multiple times a day it's that common.

T member Moon Hee Joonwhich attracted many anti-fans and negative press. However, after opening it, the staff saw that the box contained bags of blood, a knife, and a stabbed photo of Hangeng. As I finish writing this I can already think of like four of five more that I want to add but then we could go on forever.

However, this was all done right in front of the members Even though it was removed shortly after, fans immediately flooded the digital world with speculation and allegations about the nature of their relationship and of course, K-pop chaos ensued.

Kan Mi-youn

For many outside of Korea, you may wonder what the big deal is about and rightly so. The fact that this occurred recently after the girls' debut only made it worse. Choi Sung Wookwas the son of some wealthy billionaire construction tycoon and pictures of Hyori and him together at a swimming pool caused some real waves.

Kan was considered the main, and best, vocalist of the group, due to her ability to hit high notes. The psychological distress from anti-fans stalking her, harassing her family members, and throwing milk, eggs, and tissues at her proved to be too much for her, causing her to attempt suicide several times.

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She received an envelope containing razor blades and a letter threatening to murder her. However, it turned out that the drink contained super glue which caused the member to vomit and cough out blood before fainting.

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To this day, the scar still remains on his cheek. One fan sent an envelope with razor blades as well as a letter containing a death threat, prompting her to immediately report the incident to the police 10 Girl On Star King This incident was not something that happened to an idol but still came as a shock to the singer.

The petition gained about signatures but was later deleted.

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She joined her fellow ex- Baby V. Instead he continued, 'Whenever a customer comes in, the server would give the customer food However, her anti-fans grew high in numbers after it was rumored that she was dating H.

'First generation' idol Kim E-Z of Baby V.O.X. reveals how idols dated back in the day

However, before his enlistment, Yoo made the move to become a naturalized U. Thankfully, the members were not injured in any way after receiving the flowers. I will give back in double to my family and those that have faith and love for me. But you see, in Korea, all men are required to serve the military as their duty.

The group gained a vast loyal fan base in KoreaChinaThailand and other Asian markets. They say it's just a joke, but they never think twice about what it feels like on the receiving end, are their thoughts that immature[?

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Hyori has done a great job of keeping her love life on a need-to-know basis, meaning, the stuff that we know about for sure are the relationships she publicly acknowledges. When word got out that Moon Hee Jun and Kan Mi Yeon might in fact be an item, fans sent all kinds of things including one package which included a razor blade, a threatening letter, and a picture of Kan Mi Yeon completely trashed.

She was then rushed to the hospital, where she had to get her stomach pumped. K-pop, like any other entertainment industry, has had its share of scandal from the mundane to the pretty crazy. Despite her hiatus, Kan proved that she was still hot in the Korean industry.

Moon Hee-Jun

Baek Ji Young Sex Tape This is one of those scandals that gets into the serious territory but I felt it had to be at least mentioned because of the massive scale of interest this reached. On July 15,Kan officially launched her own fashion line named Kanderella. Kpop idols have to deal with a lot of stuff as is already, long working hours,hardly any sleep,bad diets and the lists just gets longer.

They are also victims of anti-fans who send death threats. My friends, who are fans of Ki Sung Yong, said they're going to hit you.

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Writing hateful replies and making you commit suicide. Junsua pre-release single for her upcoming album. L andSechkieswere under the same management back in the day and there were talks of the two dating. Although it was highly unlikely that the anti-fan were to bomb the concert, it still caused much worry and fright among fans.

To overly simplify, it pitted old vs. Some of these scandals have been substantiated by the parties themselves and others are merely speculation and rumor.