Karpov - Kasparov World Championship Match () Karpov - Kasparov World Championship Match ()

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A lot of software seems to allude to machinery that doesn't exist any more. There are a LOT of phrases that people use without having any idea where they come from. The venue had already been changed to somewhere cheaper.

At the end the players may have been more tired by the negotiations than anything else. Apparently Kasparov remarked that instead of a suspension he would prefer the match be terminated. Most people have never seen such a thing.

To them a phone is a flat, rectangular thing, not this weird looking contraption. Iirc that's some crapola that appeared in the British press.

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Like "he's down to his last red cent". That's because they were serving him yoghurt during the game. I guess it'll stop happening when there's a different scandal with a catchy name that people can riff on. But I can find nothing about Karpov's weight loss.

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But hey, it could be worse. Do you have any idea what a red cent is? Whoa I guess my memory is not that bad.

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He cited only the health issues, and the fact that neither player was able to continue even though neither player was making that claim, and Campomanes was not a doctor. One of my favorites is Modem software with an icon of an old style desktop rotary phone.

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If not for Watergate, all scandals might be named after Teapot Dome. Although I remember that as well. The Chessmind blog, incidentally, used the term "shortsgate", which prompted me to email them about it. When a company is about to go bankrupt the CEO comes on telly and says that the responsibility lies with interest rates, market corrections, crop failure in Tashkent, Hurricane Irma - anything except "Our business system has proved a total failure.

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When Keene is around, beware. Not all of us were around fromafter all. Petrosianic, I'll make the same comment to you that I made to the Chessmind blog about a week ago So I can see how it may be annoying, but really for better or worse, "Gate" has passed into the vernacular as a way of labeling something a scandal.

As far as Karpov's "weight loss" he was reported to have lost weight during his near-marathon match with Korchnoi.

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But it's not just "Gate". This rash remark first put the idea to Campo that termination could be a solution I think we're better off with gate.

Inside Chess, in fact, mentioned it in a issue.

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I feel your pain on this. It was a purely financial decision.

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Neither do I, but we've both heard the expression.