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You're an attractive machine in a pretty red dress. No one quite did 2D fighters like you did. I'm like Galford with my cool blond hair.

ScrewAttack's the place it's all at. Video games arent gambling. She'll knock you out with those big ninja bee's. You're a revolution.

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Ever since they became invented its been so great. If you went down there then you saw me. Learn combos and boss patterns to complete games, win high scores chun myung jung dating have girls see it too.

Video games are invented for just hobbies and fun.

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OK it's just a store but it's near Dallas. I played that cab for hours on end to the point where that thing was my only friend.

Flo Rida - Let It Roll (Keith Apicary video)

Tips on playing video games from Keiths self. I dont know what else to say about that website so I'll just say go to it cause it's really cool. Hehas natural talents like can beat Metal Slug on one life in under 25 minutes making it a record.

Use video games under neath safe circumstances instead of during driving around. You like my song? Neo Geo, Neo Geo. Forget Chun Li when there's Shiranui.

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You're 32 bits of endless fun. It's a magical land named GameAttack. Other tips - go to arcade on the weekend with friends and see you the real best is.

You are the best. Even portable ones are prohibited then. But if I go next year I'm sure she'll say yes. When I'm playing as Mai I wanna give you a kiss. So you might wanna get that checked out.

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Please also email inquires and thoughts on Kith Apicary and talking classics movies to Luke Margoni. I never did get my kiss of death. Yeah ScrewAttack is really cool but I ran out of material.

They're just for imagination. The guys on RacketBoy are gonna love this one.

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If you were born then you know that. Webmaster Luke Margoni at TalkingClassics aol. If you don't know that then you're technically not alive. I have a ninja chair. But I dont have a ninja dog. The place to be is SGC. You're ahead of the game. Aliens probably get games a few months before the U.

Cool red cab and a name that sticks. Keith is an guy who has a passion for video games but who cares what people think. Sega genes is has a space ship style shape.

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Feel free to browse around at all our features and read about Keith Apicary. But video games arent real life. With a heavy machine gun in my hand I beat Metal Slug over and over again.

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The answer I give will never change. With a name like that it's so bad, ask me where I get my retro games. Today now theyre even more advanced. I'll never forget the wet konga or the hotel front desk babe named Sonya.

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Its ok and still fun for everyone even guys whos lose because it's still video games. I'm the Samurai Showdown digital god when you're playing against me and my ninja dog. Four bright buttons and two joysticks. I bet aliens love to play it. Watch him in the documentary Talking Classtics on GameTrailers.

If I was aliens I would be even batter at Streets Of Rage 2 becase I 'd use space and stuff to enhance my reactions and win. No one quite did runnin' and gunnin' like you did No one quite did Puzzle Bobble like you did I'll always love my four slot model cause I, I