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Will, because he photographs very well and is very personable.

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Had I been asked this during the season, my answer might've been a little different. I got to watch Tyra in her element as she modeled and shot her scenes for the intro. Keith Carlos photo Leak part of a growing trend In recent weeks, there have been a series of leaks of celebrity dating muslim men advice that have been hard to keep up with.

Is there anything that isn't on your schedule yet, but that you're hoping for?

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Who was your biggest competition throughout the season? No I haven't, and it would've been nice and maybe a little less stressful knowing a little more about what I was getting myself into. Was it hard to keep it a secret? Also, he was the only other male to get best photo multiple times.

I am blessed and very excited to be keith carlos dating with you!

Keith Carlos

Opportunities are coming from left and right. SN ; SN ; Now that you've stood in front of her week after week and you've won ANTM… is it any less intimidating to be in her presence?

Tyra is so gorgeous and fierce.

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Is there anyone you can't wait to spend more time with? Any place you're hoping your new fame will take you? And the fact that the final three were all male. Let us know in the comments!

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I was able to go into the competition on my own wits and my own wits seemed to work in my favor. And this is only the beginning! The Giants have signed wide receiver Keith Carlos who played at Purdue in and You've known you were the winner for quite a while, right?

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Who did you want to win? What did you think of his body of work? Let's talk a little about your time in the competition?

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Any magazines you'd like to cover? What have you got planned for the next couple months? Now we probably dont need to introduce a household name such as NFL player-turned model Keith Carlos, but we like to do things properly here at Tyent.


Now, he's giving us all the deets on how he feels about winning, who he'd love to work with and what's next for him. Is there anyone you hope you never have to work with again? But, then again, maybe not having that opportunity was a good thing. This, however, may speak more to the nature of male modelling.

What bad purchase would you happily let burn to ashes? Did they offer any advice?

Keith Carlos & Tyra Banks

Male models are rarely superstars or household names. I would like to explore her personality a little more and maybe strengthen our friendship. The year-old is a former wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants, who fell into modeling back in after doing a photo shoot for Krave Magazine.

What three items would you rescue from your closet? Obviously the first question is: Who surprised you the most by their skills or actions in the house? But now that I've had some time away from everyone, I can't say that I wouldn't enjoy working with them again.

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My favorite would be the first photo shoot for the opening credits. Keith Carlos photo Leak part of a growing trend. Any particular designers you'd like to walk for?

News, Photos and Information about Chicago Tribune No one was allowed to know, so I had to tap into my acting skills and change a lot of subjects during conversations! How has life already changed? It seems unlikely, however, that he can make the man roster.