The Art and Science of Shareability From BuzzFeed #SXSWi Recap The Art and Science of Shareability From BuzzFeed #SXSWi Recap

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They have grown 11 times over since the end of and have begun applying the same testing they do with written content skelzies online dating video and apps.

Whether Kelsey is producing comedic or serious content there is one common thread, dedication. It can create a feeling that we are all united; that there are common things that unite us all.

When you look at your reflection in the Mirror how does it make you feel?

Social content needs both art and science There is no one [measuring] metric that rules them all The more we publish, the more we learn.

I was proud of myself as well as the human race at that moment. To many the idea of pursuing a male dominated field can be daunting, but in order to be successful it is important to take risks and help pave the way for those that follow in your footsteps. Men had the power to say who was funny simply because they were the majority.

Was there a particular moment when you realized you were funny? It can inspire people to be a better version of themselves. Have an Opinion on this Post?

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We promote content that will be popular. Overall, BuzzFeed must be doing something right. Why Does Content Resonate? But she said that has definitely played a role in their content strategy.

Besides being a highly rated comedienne, Kelsey is also a fledgling actress with several credits to her name. She is known to suffer from severe Panic and Anxiety Disorder and can often be seen on Twitter campaigning about the condition.

In Aprila tweet within which Kelsey wrote a list to her boyfriend Jared Lucas of ways he could make her feel better and more relaxed when she was suffering from an anxiety attack. She has starred in several videos and has worked alongside regular performers such as Ned Fulmer, Michelle Khare and Chris Reinacter.

Her parents both worked in the field of science and her Dad was a huge fan of Science Fiction. They will often do more content or videos slanted toward women so it gets shared more.

I would be the kid in my neighborhood making all the other neighborhood friends participate in plays and storytelling games around the block. The list was heralded for its realism and honesty and adapted by many other sufferers of Anxiety disorder.

Trends and Insights

We can only become successful if we support one another. She said after they added a one click pin button in mobile list posts after studying user behavior from the Pinterest app, it increased list-item share rate by 10X.

Kelsey is a self-confessed party animal and loves to party and have a drink. Her own YouTube channel to which Kelsey frequently uploads videos has over forty thousand subscribers. Where would you like to see yourself in five years?

Trends and Insights Nguyen then went into how and why they create the type of content that they do. Do you think there are negative stereotypes about funny girls?

BuzzFeed's Kelsey Darragh on life as a female comedian

Women are your allies in this business. What moment are you the most proud of in your career? Nguyen gave the example of TheDress for this reason. BuzzFeed translates some posts into multiple languages and has success, proving that most of us as a whole follow the same trends.

The Art and Science of Shareability From The Publisher of BuzzFeed #SXSWi 2015 Recap

People were texting their friends and family about it, sharing it on their screen at bars, and more. She also touched on how genders share content. When I started, the comedy world was dominated by men. She speculated this was because it became a point of discussion.

Producing television shows and movies with a giant glass of wine in my hand and my cats by my side. Key Takeaways from Dao Nguyen: Kelsey, 25 lives in LA, California. How has being a woman impacted you in the comedy world?

Although raised in a very scientific household, Kelsey dreamt of being in the limelight and performing. Evoking emotion that inspires a genuine feeling in someone will highly promote them to share. There have been many times where my career was at the hands of some jerk-dude in a dingy comedy theater running some show.

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Kelsey has one sister, to whom she is still very close and often includes in her YouTube and Instagram videos. The best machine learning is the human brain. Now, she resides in Los Angeles. BuzzFeed currently has M monthly user visits and over 1 billion monthly video views.

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