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Memel remained part of what became Prussia and Germany; the border to Lithuania remained unchanged until Central Post Office, the former residence of Friedrich Wilhelm Argelander and monarchs of Prussia [10] A narrow gauge railway station in It was affirmed on 1 July Threats and attacks by Lithuanians greatly thwarted the town's development; the town and the castle were both sacked by Lithuanian tribes inwhile Samogitians appinitialize not called dating workers rebuilding Memel in This name was adopted by speakers of German and also chosen for the new city founded further away at the lagoon.

It was the onset of a long period of prosperity for the city and port. InBritish ships visited the town to transport lumber from the Lithuanian forests near Memel.

In November a small Swedish army invaded Prussian territory, but was unable to capture the fortress of Memel.

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Even though the population of Memel increased fourfold during the 19th century, and had risen to 21, byits pace of development lagged in comparison. Despite its fortifications, it was captured by Russian troops during the Seven Years' War in Master Conrad von Thierberg used the fortress as a base for further campaigns along the Neman River and against Samogitia.

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The Duchy of Prussia was inherited by a relative, John Sigismundthe Hohenzollern prince-electors of the March of Brandenburg in Coat of arms[ edit ] Main article: Spit fortress Memel became part of the province of East Prussia within the Kingdom of Prussia in The specialisation in wood manufacturing guaranteed Memel's merchants income and stability for more than a hundred years.

The Germans greatly predominated in the town and port of Memel as well as in other nearby villages; the Lithuanian population was predominant in the area's rural districts. Brandenburg-Prussia began active participation in regional policy, which affected the development of Memel.

The books were then smuggled over the Lithuanian border.

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A main-line railway was built from Insterburgthe main East Prussian railway junction, to St. Inships arrived in Memel, of which were English. After this war ended, the maintenance of the fortress was neglected, but the town's growth continued. Memel prospered during the second half of the 18th century by exporting timber to Great Britain for use by the Royal Navy.

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The rebuilt town received Kulm law city rights in During the planning of a campaign against Samogitia, Memel's garrison of the Teutonic Order's Livonian branch was replaced with knights from the Prussian branch in From — and from —, the town and city was officially named Memel.

The German census lists the Memel Territory population as , of whom 67, declared Lithuanian to be their first language.

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From —, the town was occupied by Sweden over several periods during the Polish-Swedish War of — and the Thirty Years' War. Memel was unsuccessfully besieged by Sambians inand the scattered Sambians submitted by German Empire[ edit ] After the unification of Germany into the German Empire inMemel had the distinction of being Germany's most northerly city.

It became the main town of the Diocese of Curonia, with a cathedral and at least two parochial churches, but the development of the castle became the dominant priority.

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In its imports consisted chiefly of salt, iron and herrings; the exports, which greatly exceeded the imports, were corn, hemp, flax, and, particularly, timber. It remained the central point of the Baltic timber-trade.

During the second half of the 19th century, Memel was a center for the publication of books printed in the Lithuanian language using a Latin-script alphabet — these publications were prohibited in the nearby Russian Empire of which Lithuania was a province. It was one of the longest-lasting borders in Europe, and is referred to in the now-unsung first verse of the German national anthemwhich describes borders of German-speaking lands: The land around Memel suffered major economic setbacks under Napoleon Bonaparte 's Continental System.