Grey's Anatomy star Kevin McKidd says Sandra Oh may come back one day: Grey's Anatomy star Kevin McKidd says Sandra Oh may come back one day: "I'd love it"

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Because if not, then how could they let go of Arizona and April, but choose to keep Owen? Sure, the show is 'Grey's Anatomy', but we love them all equally, right?

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But do the writers have something more planned for Owen? There are no reports that Kevin McKidd rovakaira online dating leaving Grey's. Maybe there's more in store for Owen. Attended Seafield Primary School and was a member of a local drama group.

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Seriously, have you heard that accent? Came from an economic family where his mother Kathleen was a secretary and father Neil was a plumber. Despite the unfortunate split, Kevin is moving on in his life, and the big question that remains is that is he dating anyone recently past the split?

Grey's Anatomy star Kevin McKidd says Sandra Oh may come back one day: "I'd love it"

Let's find out in today's section. First went to the University of Edinburgh but later enrolled at Edinburgh's Queen Margaret College to study acting and drama. Also known for working in NBC series JourneyMan and BBC miniseries Anna Karenina, this once happily married actor shocked us all when he announced that he and his wife Jane Parker decided to file for divorce last year.

Landed his first debut role as one of the leads in British film Understanding Jane. Now, here are photos of Kevin McKidd as well as a few of Owen's best moments to brighten up your day!

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But, is McKidd joining them? Grey's Anatomy fans are always worried about their favorite characters' safety. The pair tied knot back in in a private ceremony surrounded by close friends and families, the same year when Kevin had a cameo in the movie Hideous Kinky.

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Time to get down to business. Honestly, at this rate, the only character longtime fans will be able to recognize is Meredith Grey Ellen Pompeo.

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With many celebrity marriages ending up in divorce, there are only those few couples who make it until the end, and everyone thought Kevin McKidd and Jane Parker were one of them. Owen's storyline died when Cristina Yang Sandra Oh left.

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Well, you should be. Relieved that Owen isn't leaving us anytime soon? We already know that Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona Robbins, and Sarah Drew, who plays April Kepner, are exiting the series for good after season Honestly, have we seen anything from him other than a repeated storyline with Amelia Shepherd Caterina Scorsone?

As for now, Kevin is not dating anyone and is busy filming for different movies and series including StarWars Rebels.

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All three came in around the same time and since then, many characters have come and go. We love Owen and we love Kevin McKidd even more. The proud parents of two, son Joseph, 16 and daughter Iona, 14, have, however, settled for co-parenting.

Brave and 's two major big releases T2 Trainspotting and Tulip Fever.

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And for good reason. Maybe McKidd is some kind of wizard behind the camera. However, there were rumors of him having an affair with his onscreen co-star, Sarah Oh but those were all just hoax. Is McKidd leaving Grey's Anatomy anytime soon?

Maybe the writers need Sandra Oh to come back to give Owen a proper sendoff? Not only this, their reps confirmed that they were living separately since October The pair then welcomed their two adorable children and even set up a family band where Jane played the bass, while his kids played piano and drums, and Kevin sang.

Zimbio Their divorce is yet to be finalized, and after the split, Kevin has not been linked to any woman so far.

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Before that he used to work as a coppersmith for the famous Elgin coppersmith Alan Lumsden. Jane Parker with former husband Kevin with kids, Source: His critically acclaimed work includes Hannibal Rising prequel to Silence of the Lambs.

We're pretty sure that he's here for the long haul, but we'll let you know if anything changes.

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Whatever it is, we suppose we're just happy that no more Grey's characters are leaving the show. You can calm down, Grey's fans! That we know of.