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A month after he and Jaynee had married, Keyori was invited over to Uber's- to hang out, chill, play League together, the works. He slammed his fist down onto the mahogany wood of the bar table, his eyes closed tight.

They stared at each other for what seemed like ages until Uber finally spoke up. Keyori stared at Uber as the man pulled away, a blush ffkhx yahoo dating his face.

He's probably even a little drunk.


It couldn't possibly be that bad It was certainly a possibility, but there was no guarantee. You were good, for your first time with keyori and jaynee dating divas guy. I've gotta catch the next train or I'm gonna miss my flight.

I've spent all this time trying to figure out what I really want in life. It was more than that As much as I want to, it just can't happen He took a sip, gulping before looking at his feet.

Jaynee would be happy, and she'd never know about any of this.

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Well, what with being internet-famous, someone could recognize him- what if they told his friends? What more could he ask for? Gee, I thought you were gonna be home an hour ago! I haven't told her It was the only coffee shop still open, though, and it certainly got the job done when it came to making decent coffee.

Keyori And Jaynee Married

The thunk of glass hitting wood could be heard among the few remaining patrons of the bar as Keyori grabbed a nearly-empty bottle, the liquid swishing around inside. I thought you were supposed to be gone until the end of the month?

I-" They both flinched as something fell.

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Keyori was still on the fence about this whole ordeal. He nodded back, his face stoic as he looked at the object in his hands.

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He wasn't sure how much more his heart could take. Slowly and carefully, Keyori pulled out several pieces a large porcelain dish, with a beautiful painting of him in a suit and Jaynee in a white dress, holding hands. Everything had gone according to his expectations until after a particularly trying Ranked game.

I need some time. What would he call them? He was willing to throw away everything he had- his home, his job, even his life with Jaynee- just to be with Uber.

But I have so much, that I He was so scared of what Jaynee, Complex, Dunder- everyone would say that he refused to think he could choose one over the other.

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I think I have. A grin came to his face as he watched a man walk into the bar, a certain emotion flowing through him that he could not find the words to describe.

It's getting late, and I have to go if I'm gonna catch my train. Keyori smiled as Uber nearly flipped out of his chair, cheering as the Diamond emblem on his victory screen morphed into a Master.

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